Why do cats scratch furniture and wallpaper? Funny cats

Сute cats — Interesting facts about cats

Why do cats sometimes lick and bite woolen clothes, balls, scarves? There are several theories, but most scientists believe that the reason is the same as in the previous question.

Why do cats scratch furniture and wallpaper? It is believed that in this way the cats sharpen their claws. But even if you offer a cat a convenient sharpener nails, still he was happy to sharpen claws on the corner of a wall or sofa (in your absence). This is including the fact that the cat’s paws between the toes, are special glands that the cat marks its territory.

Why some people are allergic to cat fur? Strictly, allergy is not wool, and the FEL D1 protein in cat saliva. When the cat washes and licks his lips, he carries saliva on their fur, then it can get on the furniture and carpets. Different individuals allocated different amounts of protein, but in general, cats are less allergens than cats. There are two methods of prevention of such allergies — to bathe the cat, washing substances with wool (which is often not recommended), or wipe the cat hair a special soft cloth.

Why does a cat lying in your arms, legs goes through, «whipping» something? The reason again as a child. Kitten, nursing mother’s milk, the cat massaging legs stomach, stimulates the «supply» of milk. Adult animal uses this technique to show an extreme degree of comfort and satisfaction.






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