Like a cat overcome half a continent?Сute cats

Like a cat overcome half a continent?

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It is not unique, but it is surprising and delight, there was a story with a cat named Sugar on.

She was born weak, with a rare strain tibia with the left hand in the small California town of Anderson is located on the banks of the Sacramento River.

Sugar Mistress, Mary, decided to move to Oklahoma, located 1,500 miles from Anderson, when the cat was two years old.

Mary hesitated a long time, but still decided to give up their favorite. The reason for this sad act served intolerance Sugar trips even at small distance.

Mary found a new home for the cat, gently said goodbye to her and left.

Two weeks later, a former neighbor called Mary, reporting the missing cat. The search yielded no results, even traces could not be found.

As time went on, the news was not, Mary resigned to the sad thought of the dead Sugar.

14 months had passed. One day, while working in the garden, Mary saw a familiar polupersidskuyu cat that unsteady gait heading to a favorite mistress.

For some time the cat and the woman looked at each other, not looking up: a woman with amazement and a cat with delight and triumph. Finally, a mewing happily, Sugar rushed to the hostess, bouncing on the run from her overwhelming feelings. The cat was very tired, but in excellent condition. After the fish dinner and good night’s sleep restored her strength.

Like a cat managed to find a city, street and house of his mistress, having half of the United States, it remains a mystery.

Friends of Mary were skeptical of the story. But when a cat-traveler has discovered a unique strain left shin bone, all doubts vanished.


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