Funny cats.How old is the oldest cat in the world?

How old is the oldest cat in the world?

  Interesting facts about cats

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The most famous long-lived cat Puff was from Texas, who died in 2005 at the age of 38 years. Normal cats can live up to 20 years (approximately 96 person-years).

cat’s nose has a unique fingerprint, as well as the human fingerprint.

Cats can identify an earthquake for 10-15 minutes before a person feels it.

With their cats talking 95 percent of their respective owners.
Cats — Alien. This convinced even some scientists. In their opinion, the main task of the cats — watch the creatures on Earth, and evidence of their extraterrestrial origin — amazing abilities that are not available in other animals.

When in ancient Egypt in the family dying cat, family members as a sign of mourning shaved eyebrows. Cat embalmed mummy was placed in the family tomb in the cemetery or for the animals along with the mummies of mice. In 1888, more than 300 thousand. Mummified cats were found on the Egyptian cemeteries.

The earliest ancestor of modern cats lived around 30 million years ago.

Cat usually has whiskers 12 on each side.



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