Who’s smarter — cats or dogs? Funny dogs and cats

Who’s smarter — cats or dogs? 

Interesting facts about cats and dogs



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In general, cats have a lower social the IQ, than dogs, but they can solve more complex cognitive tasks when they are interested.
Cats are often lactose intolerant, so they stop giving milk!
The cartoons lie: it is better not to feed cats raw fish.
Isaac Newton is credited with inventing the cat door.

Cats make about 100 different sounds. Dogs — only 10.

Dog sees surroundings in yellow, blue and gray shades. Red object dog sees yellow and green as a grayish-white, because it does not perceive the green, orange and red colors. But shades of gray dog distinguish much better than we do.

The cat’s ear pivots 180 degrees. In each ear of a cat 32 muscle to control the ear they use twelve or more muscles.

Dogs are aware of not only the words and gestures, and eye. According to the movement of his eyes dog owner can anticipate that he intends to do. Scientists say that the ability to understand everything without words four-legged pets are no worse than a two-year children. The researchers believe that cats are the most (in comparison with other animals) possess extrasensory perception, popularly called the «third eye».

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