Mango cheesecake without baking is an explosion of taste buds, refreshing tropical taste, soft and creamy texture. Ideal for warm days. Dessert covered with whipped cream with lemon, passion fruit and pomegranate. Cheesecake was created using canned mango; if you have difficulty with the purchase, you can use fresh puree of ripe and soft mango (pre-mango need to boil a little). Recommend!



For the base of cheesecake:
150 g-cookies from whole grains (or other grains, bran, etc.))
40 g — butter, melted

Cheese mass for cheesecake:
400 gr-Mascarpone or Philadelphia cheese
500 g mango pulp (preferably from the jar)
2 tablespoons-fresh lemon juice
130 g-powdered sugar
22 g-powder (7 teaspoons of 5 ml)
70 ml-cold water
300 ml cream 33%, chilled and whipped

Cookies and butter put in a blender and grind to obtain a mass resembling the consistency of wet sand. In the absence of a blender — cookies put in a tight plastic bag (for example, with a clasp) and with the force of a rolling pin or pestle to crumble it, at the end connect with melted butter.
Take shape with a diameter of 23 cm put the baking form with baking paper. A lot of the cookie and butter put on the bottom of the form, only the lower part, aligning it with a spoon.

Cheese mass for cheesecake:
All ingredients except whipping cream should be at room temperature.
Put cheese, mango puree, lemon juice and sugar in the mixer bowl. Turn on the mixer at medium speed (use the mixer nozzle for whipping proteins), until a homogeneous mass without lumps.
Gelatin powder pour 70 ml of cold water, leave for 10 minutes for swelling.
Put after swelling gelatin on the stove and heat, stirring, until completely dissolved gelatin or heat it in the microwave.
Do not bring to a boil (gelatin will lose its gelling properties). Remove from heat and cool slightly.In another slightly warm gelatin, add a tablespoon of cottage cheese, mix thoroughly.
Add 2 tablespoons more and stir again, observing if there are any lumps. Then add this mass to the whole cheese filling and immediately mix thoroughly to distribute all the gelatin, so that there was not a single lump.
Pour chilled cream into a separate bowl. Beat until stiff peaks. Add the whipped cream to the cheese mass with gelatin in two steps. Gently stir with spatula.
On the basis of cookies stacked in the form of lay out all the cheese mass. Align with a spatula and refrigerate overnight or 12 hours for stabilization.

For decoration:
150 ml-36% whipped cream, chilled
1 tsp-powdered sugar
1 l. — passion fruit puree
seeds-1/4 pomegranate
a few slices of fresh mango

Whip the cream with the icing sugar.
Put the whipped cream on top of the pre-cooled cheesecake. Pour some passion fruit puree and garnish with pomegranate seeds and fresh mango pieces.

Bon appetit!

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