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It turns out that a small child is not distinguish all colors…  Interesting facts about the children and their parents.

· In European countries, the average age is 29 years, the parents in India — 19 years, Russia — 20 years;

· The youngest parents were children in China in 1910: mom and dad had 9 and 8 years, respectively;

· Most father of many children — is the Sultan Ismail of Morocco. He has 340 daughters and 548 sons;

· Interestingly, the newborn baby can distinguish between red and green, but the blue, he does not see;

· According to statistics, children 3-4 years old every day asking 900 questions and say more than 12 thousand words;

· Someone considers himself a young grandmother? — In fact, the youngest grandmother in the story — it’s 23-year-old Romanian Rifka Stanescu. Her daughter, aged 11 years old ran away from home and bore a son;

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Lovely bunnies


Grows great artist


· The cases when parents name their kids after the cartoon or book characters — Harry Potter, Anakin Skywalker, Kasper and others;

· Interestingly, in the metric of children born in Korea, also make those 9 months that they spent in the womb, so technically they are older than their peers, although born in the same year;

· In Australia, more than any other country in the world is born «test-tube babies»;

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