Chocolate-apricot cake with ganash «Vienna agreement»


Butter 82,5% — 45 g
Chocolate dark — 45 g
Eggs — 6 pieces
Water — 40 g
Flour — 45 g

Chocolate-apricot cake with ganash «Vienna agreement»

Cocoa — 30 g
Marzipan — 205 g
Sugar powder — 120 g
Apricot jam — 40 g
Milk chocolate — 250 g
Cream 33% — 120 g

What is good cake? The skin is porous, moist and dense, they do not fall off properly from the interlayers due to their own friability or tenderness, while the cakes are able to stay soft for 3-4 days and do not dry. First, we lubricate them with apricot jam to slightly dilute the chocolate. And we are preparing ganache on milk chocolate. You will be surprised at how easy the process of preparation and assembly is, however, the interlayer also remains always moderately elastic, keeps the cakes well and does not harden to an indecent state. At the exit we have a cake with a calm taste of milk chocolate and apricots, which is a full-fledged dessert, incredibly soft, juicy and able to surprise the unique texture of even the most picky sweet tooth! Outside, a new, stunningly simple decor — chips from chocolate bars, effectively, quickly and very easily!

In the mixer bowl, combine marzipan (205 g) and sugar powder (60 g). Install the paddle attachment and begin to mix the mass to make it more homogeneous.
Separate four eggs into protein and yolk.
Simultaneously, melt the butter (45 g) and dark chocolate (45 g, from 65%), stir the chocolate-oil mixture until complete homogeneity.
Whip four proteins with the second part of the sugar powder (60 g) until soft peaks. A tight glass will help to whip the merengue faster.
When the mass of marzipan and powdered sugar becomes more homogeneous, add two eggs and four yolks, water (40 g). Good whisk the mass of the nozzle with a whisk in a lush snow-white foam. The mass will triple in volume.
Enter some of the chocolate mass and flour.
On the top half of the protein mass.
Stir with a careful spatula. Add the cocoa (30 g).
Stir again, add the remaining chocolate and flour. Stir the dough until completely homogeneous. Well gather the masses from the bottom of the bowl.
Prepare three forms at 16 cm, at the bottom lay the parchment. Pour the dough into molds.
Bake cakes until cooked at a temperature of 160 degrees, top-bottom mode. Ready cakes get out of the molds, allow to cool on the grill for 5 minutes and wrap in food film. Put it in the refrigerator.
After 4-5 hours you can collect the cake. Cut the top with the cake to open the pores. Two crusts of oil apricot jam (20 grams).
Distribute jam with a thin layer.
Now is the time of the chocolate ganache.
Milk chocolate (250 g) chop finely. And fatty cream (120 g) bring to a boil in a small sauté pan.
Pour the cream on the chocolate, mix with a spatula to help melt the chocolate, and become homogeneous throughout the mass.
Put the ganache in a bag and flatten it. So he will quickly stabilize in the refrigerator.
When the ganache will not be too liquid, cut a spout at the bag so that the hole diameter is about 5-6 mm. Assemble the cake on the basis of the basic coating (read «How to bake cakes correctly and collect a smooth cake»). Cooled ganache will be very similar to the base cream chees.
For decor we use chocolate chips. To do this, the dark chocolate bar should be scraped with a knife blade. The warmer the chocolate, the shaving will be thicker and darker. By the way, if you make this decor in advance, you can melt the rest of the chocolate for dough in a cake.
That’s such a handsome guy we got out of chocolate, chocolate and chocolate …
The cakes were damp, elastic and moderately porous.

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