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Cute cats — Interesting facts about cats

«Mother-heroine» in felines can be regarded as a cat named Antigone (birmansakaya or Siamese). The animal lived in the United States, and in 1970, «Mom» was able to give birth to 19 kittens in one go. But American Dusty the cat may be famous for the maximum number of kittens, which she gave birth to in my entire life: this «mother-heroine» acquired 420 descendants.

Cats are capable of overcoming great distances to get to the house. That’s what one famous New York cat, whose owner when moving to another state forgot to take your pet with you. Five months later, the unfortunate cat found his master himself, breaking the more than 3.5 thousand. Km. One day, the cat just walked into the house and curled up in your favorite chair.






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