Denim necklace or a new life to old dzhinsam

Denim necklace or a new life to old dzhinsam

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1. Cut the denim strips 30 cm and a width of 2 sm✂
2. twist the strip in a spiral, put it in the form of a snail, we catch threads on the reverse side — turned rosette! ? (do these 8 pcs.)
3. Puts roses on a sheet of paper in the order we want them to see in ozherele?
4. contours rose pencil — Get the pattern for the base ozherelya✏
5. In this pattern, cut out two identical fleece detali?
6. fleece sewn roses in the ground, then the gaps sewn beads, rose to glue strazy?
7. To sew the edges of the ribbon necklaces, and then sew the reverse side of the second base fleece to hide shvy?
The necklace is ready! ???

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