Denim necklace or a new life to old dzhinsam

Denim necklace or a new life to old dzhinsam

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1. Cut the denim strips 30 cm and a width of 2 sm✂
2. twist the strip in a spiral, put it in the form of a snail, we catch threads on the reverse side – turned rosette! 🌹 (do these 8 pcs.)
3. Puts roses on a sheet of paper in the order we want them to see in ozherele👀
4. contours rose pencil – Get the pattern for the base ozherelya✏
5. In this pattern, cut out two identical fleece detali👯
6. fleece sewn roses in the ground, then the gaps sewn beads, rose to glue strazy💎
7. To sew the edges of the ribbon necklaces, and then sew the reverse side of the second base fleece to hide shvy👥
The necklace is ready! 💙💙💙

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