Which dog was the first Hollywood superstar? Funny dogs

Сute dogs — Interesting facts about dogs

The first Hollywood superstar dog was Rin Tin Tin. Five days old, he was wounded on the field of battle of the First World War, and it left an American soldier, Lee Duncan. Rin Tin Tin has played in many films and even «signed» their own contracts paw print.
A dog can identify the source of the noise of 1/600 of a second and can hear sounds at a distance four times greater than that achieved by the human ear.
Touch is the first sense that develops in dogs (all puppies are born blind and deaf). All the dog’s body, including the paw pads, imbued with nerve endings that are sensitive to touch.
Movements controlled canine ear eighteen kinds of muscles and more.
In Egypt, a man bitten by a rabid dog, was offered to eat it fried liver to prevent development of the disease. With the same purpose, to the place of the bite of a mad dog tied tooth. Blood bitch in heat is used for hair removal, while the dog’s genitals used against graying.





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