Which dog has the biggest appetite?Funny dogs and cats

Which dog has the biggest appetite?

Interesting facts about dogs and cats.





Dog Laugh – it repeated snorting. Hearing him even record, other dogs begin happily wagging tails.

Cats never mew with each other. This sound is designed specifically for people.

The biggest appetite in dogs have cocker spaniels.

How old is your cat in human terms? If your cat 3 years, this corresponds to a human in ’21. If eight years, humanly 40. 14, the 70 human years. (There are other variants of age counting)

Different nations perceive barking differently: English – wow-wow, the Greeks and Russian – bow-wow, the Germans – AVU AVU-Japanese – bath-van.

Cats can publish about 100 different sounds. For comparison, only about 10 dogs.

All dogs requires close social contact with people. If not, they can run away from home, or to change the behavior that the owner paid them more attention.

Egyptians shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning when losing beloved cat.

In ancient China, the Pekingese was used, including for self-defense. Small dogs fit easily into the sleeve. In case of danger, they jumped out and rushed to the offender.

Dog sees surroundings in yellow, blue and gray shades. Red object dog sees yellow and green as a grayish-white, because it does not perceive the green, orange and red colors. But shades of gray dog ​​distinguish much better than we do.

The cat’s ear pivots 180 degrees. In each ear of a cat 32 muscle to control the ear they use twelve or more muscles.

Sharp, Pekingese and Siberian huskies – the most ancient dog breeds. Photo Pharaoh dog proves that this breed is a modern, since undergone major changes over the past few centuries.

Dogs breed Chihuahuas were bred by the ancient Aztecs as live food for predators.

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