Funny dogs and cats.How much costs the content of dogs per year?

How much costs the content of dogs per year?

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Cats ear better than in dogs, the upper limit of 65 kilohertz reaches is 2 times — than in dogs. A better sense of smell in dogs due to the vast number of receptors in the nose — 200 million as of the constantly wet nose (better known moisture holding odors).
The smartest dogs — Doberman Pinscher, Collie, Golden Retriever, Poodle, German guard. A cats, irrespective of species, have an average level of intelligence, not less than five most smart dogs.

The duration of the dog’s life is 12-14 years old, with his whole life, he is your master 5-10 thousand dollars.

The duration of the life of a cat is 9-15 years, cat content cost about 2-8 thousand dollars.
Scientists say that the owners of the cats likely to have university degrees and diplomas.
As scientists believe that dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, rarely get sick and have better health.

The smallest cat, inscribed in the Book of Records Ginnesa- Himalayan-Persian blyupoynt, whose name is Tinker Toy; When fully formed is its length was only 19 centimeters.
July 28, 1999 during the Great Exhibition of dogs in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Russian Shepherd Wolf carried a jump in freestyle at the height of 160 cm.

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