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Do you think the bitch or larger dogs like their owners? It appears that in this regard is of interest to the results of a study conducted by Swedish scientists from the University of Lenchipigskogo

Female dogs love people more than dogs
Dogs females exhibit significantly more social interaction with people — including the visual and physical contact, requests for help — than males. A study on this subject conducted ucheny led by Per Jensen from Linkoping University in Sweden.
Jensen and his colleagues studied 430 beagle dogs to learn how the process of domestication has affected the evolution of dogs. On the results of the research magazine writes The Sunday Times.
«Females show significantly higher opportunities for social interaction and physical contact,» — scientists say.
They conducted an experiment in which dogs entrusted to perform certain tasks, for which they receive a treat. In this task gradually became more sophisticated and while some dogs simply lost interest in teams, others showed aggression, while others tried to establish eye contact with the trainer. It was found that females were prone to late-model behavior significantly more often than males.
«We found evidence that the dog’s desire to attract the attention of the person in the course of solving the problem lies at the genetic level,» — the researchers say.





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