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One photo in the social network recently made known to the whole world 49-year-old American from Wisconsin John Unger and his dog, Shep. And the story of their friendship began about 20 years ago, when Shep was rescued from the suicide of his master, was very upset by the break with the bride. One day, during a walk with the dog, John, unable to cope with depression, went to the edge of his thoughts of suicide. Unger said that this opinion Shep sobered him and returned to reality. The young man thought about who will take care of Shepe. With age, the dog developed severe arthritis. dog joints hurt so much that she could not move independently. Veterinarians suggested Shep rid of suffering and euthanize him, but John did not want to do so with his friend, and he was trying to facilitate his life.
Epstein and Vergunov

Every day, for many years the American drove his dog to the lake and held for several hours in water at hand. In the water, Shep became easier, he could get some sleep. Pictures where John holds a 20-year-old pet in her arms, standing on the shoulders in the water, walked the entire Internet, people started to transfer money to treat dog.
«That for me, this dog does not convey in words when you give love, it comes back to you tenfold I want people to think about it, looking at these pictures?..» — Said John Unger.
Two weeks ago, July 18, Shep was gone. This was on his Facebook page said his master. From around the world came to John Unger more than a million of condolence.

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