How old is the oldest dog in the world? Interesting facts about dogs

How old is the oldest dog in the world?

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1. Dogs have a unique hearing. Their ears are able to register over 35 000 vibrations per second. For comparison — the man fixes only 20,000 vibrations. Dog ears exceeds 75% human.

2. Longevity. It is believed that the dogs live about 12 years. But some people manage to live more than 20. It is known for the oldest dog has died at the age of 29 years and 5 months.

3. The vision in the dark. Dogs can see in color, but in a very limited extent. In addition, they see in the dark better than humans, because of the special layer in the eyes — the tapetum. This structure acts as a mirror and reflects the light, sending it again to the retina. By the way, precisely because of the tapetum dog eyes glow in the dark.

4. Dogs-warriors. These animals were trained a lot in the history of mankind, including in the fight and stay close to the owner. In the Middle Ages they were accompanied by the Knights. And during the Second World War in the Soviet army used dogs to blow up tanks. Read more about the hero dogs, read here.

5. The steel jaws. dogs Jaws — its most powerful weapon. At that time, the majority of animals used for hunting claws, dogs can have almost 90 kg of pressure every square millimeter of the jaw. It is much more than what a man.

6. The nose print. Each dog has a unique imprint of the nose, along with human fingerprints. In the past, nose prints are used to identify lost dogs or those who were accused of committing the attack.

7. Anatomy. All dogs, despite the differences in size and shape, are almost identical in terms of anatomy — each have 321 bones and 42 permanent tooth. Variations are possible, and the size of these long bones.

8. Sleep puppy. Sobachatami sleep during the day 90% of the first few weeks. Most mistaken for a sleepy sickness and in a hurry to show the «sleepy» toddlers veterinarian.

9. A dog — man’s best friend. For example, in the US, almost 35% of families give birth to a dog. It comes more than 5 million. Pups every year.

10. Dog ears are twice more muscle than men. Their ability to control the movement of the human ear is equivalent to the possibility to rotate and bend the neck.

Dogs — amazing creatures. Their physiology, intellect and character — much more unique than all the domesticated animals. No wonder that the dog.


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