Eateries buns


A delicious snack and a quick Breakfast.


— Rolls 6 PCs
— Eggs(better quail) 6 PCs
— Ham 120 g
— Pickles 1 piece

Eateries buns

— Butter 90 g
Milk 3 tbsp.
— Mayonnaise 3 tbsp.
— Prepared mustard 1 tsp.
— Ground black pepper to taste
— Greens(dill,parsley) to taste


1. I had rolls 8cm in diameter, so I cut the cap and took out the crumb. If rolls are larger, you can take 3 pieces and cut in half.
2. Cucumber and ham cut into strips. Then mix with mayonnaise and mustard.
3. Deepening rolls wetted milk (half a tablespoon) and grease with butter. I butter cut into 6 pieces and smeared the inside of each muffin. Spread the filling, sprinkle with herbs and produced an egg in each muffin.
The yolks sprinkle with ground black pepper.
4. Bake buns at 200 degrees until thick egg whites. The rolls have a little crispy, but so good.
Bon appetit!


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