Can there be the envy of the dog? Funny dogs

Can there be the envy of the dog?

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Envy — a natural feature of the behavior of dogs, the envy of food — one of the most common manifestations of it.

Even if the dog enjoys the most magnificent juicy, fleshy, filled with marrow, imaginable, but suddenly see the other dog bone miserable, dried, there will still be tempted to possess it.

This attitude — a necessary aspect of schooling behavior. When you share something with other pack members, this leads to the fact that you will get less than others, but if you are taking away from the other, you will eventually get more, and thus become physically stronger and will continue on the steps of the hierarchy to the headship.

Domestic dogs demonstrate their power in the same way that those who chooses to dominate, as opposed to those who give. In domestic dogs is the reason causing this behavior.

They transfer their envy and men, that is, wish to have something that belongs to the people (in fact for the majority of domestic dogs people — it’s just other dogs), and in the food that people eat, and smell and taste far better than the t th food that is put in the dog bowl.

That is why, when the family sits at the table, the dog has two good reasons to prefer their portions that eat the rest of the family. To prevent such a dog’s behavior, there is one simple and effective way — never feed your dog from the table, and always feed her after the owners themselves will eat.

Seeing that people eat first, the dog will understand intuitively that they are undoubted leader of the pack — because leaders always eat first. This will reduce its claim to power and weaken the natural tendency to take over what belongs to the people. However, this does not diminish her desire to capture what is at the other dogs, so if the two dogs at the same time give the bone, they should have in different rooms, in order to avoid a possible conflict.

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