Fashionistas, Brace Yourself! Chanel Opened a Private Women’s Club in NYC

Coco Chanel, famous for her black-and-white signature fashion and accessories, may be long gone but she would love the latest venture in her name: the Coco Club. The private, invitation-only club is the first for the brand and opened in the Soho neighborhood in New York City.

coco chanel coco club -

The invitation to the Coco Club opening in New York City. Image: Eventbrite

Coco was always a feminist. She embraced men’s clothing and used men’s tailoring in her designs. So a private women’s club inspired by a gentlemen’s club would be a natural progression for her brand. And the club’s design is inspired by one of her most iconic watches — the Boy-Friend. The colors of the interiors are graphic black and white with cream and gold accents everywhere.

coco club NYC -

The entrance to the Coco Club. Image: Chanel

Lucky members receive a gold card for access. There’s all sorts of fun and unusual services at the Coco Club to keep the ladies who have it all intrigued, such as an on-site numerologist (Chanel was obsessed with numbers) ready to offer personalized readings. There’s a beauty room to glam up in, with Chanel makeup artists ready to give you the perfect red pout. A ping-pong table, pool table and photo booth keep things fun. Check out the interiors of the Coco Club:

Chanel Coco Club lockers

The lockers feature the signature look and typeface of Chanel. Image: Chanel

The game room

coco chanel clubs -

The bright and cheery game room features Chanel’s signature logo on the game tables. Image: Chanel

The cafe

Minimalist but polished, the understated cafe offers anything a club member may be craving. Image: Chanel

Pool table

A black pool table is a hotspot at the club. Image: Chanel

A sitting area at the private club

The design is inspired by the typical, masculine smoking room of a private gentlemen’s club. Image: Chanel


be a woman to watch -

Some of Chanel’s most famous sayings are featured throughout the club. Image: Chanel

The Boy-Friend Bar

boy-friend watch -

Named after the iconic Chanel watch that inspired the design of the club, the Boy-Friend Bar serves up drinks — and watches.

The library

The library displays vintage objects on the long table that anchors the room. Image: Chanel

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