Festive salad with cherry tomatoes and prawns

Festive salad with cherry tomatoes and prawns


It’s really nice salad, moreover, an unusual taste. It can be prepared for the holiday feast and become a real decoration of the table. Tenderness of the meat of shrimp, sweet cherry tomatoes, spicy garlic flavor — everything is a delight! Ingredients for the salad matched very well! A salad looks great!

0.5 kg of boiled peeled shrimp

10 cherry tomatoes

1 small bunch of green salad

2 fresh cucumber

200 g of crab sticks

a little dill

a few cloves of garlic

cream for refueling, ground black pepper, salt

How to prepare salad:

Cucumber peel and finely shall cut cute straw. Mix the cucumber with shrimp ready peeled and diced crab sticks. Cherry tomatoes — quartered. Chopped dill and garlic, chop. In the bowl lay out the leaves of lettuce. They — shrimp salad dressed with sour cream, salt and pepper. Top salad decorate on your own. You can put a few shrimp and greens.

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