Why cats do not like sweets? Сute and Funny cats

Why cats do not like sweets?

Interesting facts about cats

It turns out that the whole thing in the defective gene taste receptor. Cats just do not know what a sweet, they can not feel the taste. Molecular analysis shows that the big cats also have a defective gene, and most likely, it has helped in shaping the development of their carnivorous behavior. read below…



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Cats love heights. Also like the height of the leopards and jaguars, who sleep in trees. If a cat falls, its inner ear that controls balance, helps her to land on their feet.

Cat like, when all the doors in the house are open, it can not tolerate an enclosed space.

Cats are very fond of fresh air, so the air vents in the house must always be open.

The presence of nodules on the tail of the Siamese cat (today it is not welcome) explained the legend: Thai princess during washing is always accompanied by a cat. In order not to lose their valuables in the river, the girl every time strung them on a cat’s tail. Once the cat inadvertently lost rings, and Princess for loyalty tied the knot in her tail, which has since been featured all the «royal» Siamese.

For typical color Siamese cats and strabismus can meet the same gene.

Color dark tan markings Siamese cats depends on the ambient temperature. Cats from colder regions of darker spots.

Siamese kittens are born white, as the womb of heat enough to coat on the markings are not darkened.

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