Funny cats. How much the world of domestic cats?

How much the world of domestic cats?






Specialists of the University of Lyon (France) decided to calculate how much the world of domestic cats. It was found that all of the planet 400 million, with the largest number of them contained in the USA. However, the palm is given to Australia, where for every 10 inhabitants 9 cats. On the Asian continent first place for Indonesia, there are more than 30 million furry purring, and in Europe — for France, whose inhabitants have at their charge of 8 million cats. However, there are countries, such as Peru, Gabon and some others where the domestic cat is almost never.

Cats rescued people from fire.

In 2010, fifteen New Zealand boy named Sam, stay overnight in the garage, not extinguished the candle before going to sleep, and this negligence led to the fire. Domestic cat Simba, sensing trouble began with desperate cries rush from garage doors to the porch of the house where the parents of a teenager slept until awakened them. However, those attributed awake Simba try to cadge a meal and tried to shrug, but when she began to beat on the door of the garage, all at once it became clear … only through the actions of four-footed benefactress Sam were rescued, and after just a few minutes it would be too late.

In New York, the cat in an attempt to wake up during the fire started the sleeping owner yelled loudly, and when that did not help, began to beat him with his paw over his face. This measure proved to be effective, so that people, like his flatmate, survived. And all thanks to the cat.


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