Funny cats — Interesting facts about cats

Funny cats — Interesting facts about cats

* The cat hunts mice, rescues a year to 10 tons of grain. In England, the cats used to protect grain stores and other food stores, they officially put on rations. Cats also protect mice from books and other relics of the British Museum. A cat in Austria, will serve on the protection of warehouses for several years, is based on a lifetime pension issued by milk, meat and broth.
* Colors calico and tortoiseshell are found only in cats.
* If the cat is near you, and her tail shakes — is the greatest feeling of love, which she can express. When the tail starts to fall, then the mood changed — you can move, it will not be offended.
* Cat flap their tails when faced with a choice, with one desire more blocks. For example, if the cat is in the doorway, and wants to leave, and the street is rain, the tail will swing due to internal conflict. The cat wants to go out, but do not want to get wet. As soon as it decides (to stay at home or go out in the rain), the tail will immediately stop rocking.





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