As an aggressive dog fell in love with a goose? Сute dogs

As an aggressive dog fell in love with a goose? Interesting story about the dog

Dangerous dog was on the verge of death — Rex decided to euthanize because of bad character. But the dog was rescued as settled down and found my love … Goose! German shepherd Rex was so angry that his feeding could handle only two people at once: one — to distract him, and the second — quickly slip a bowl of food in the cage in which dwelt stubborn pet. But his temper completely changed when the animal shelter, where he lived Rex appeared Geraldine — beautiful goose.


But when a dangerous meeting face to face yet occurred, the dog’s reaction was more like a love at first sight, than aggression. Now, a couple walking together, sleeping together at night on a bunk Rex. read below…

We are friends…



When will you wake up?


I accidentally…


….As an aggressive dog fell in love with a goose?

Shelter staff was amazed by what is happening, so how close to each other, the two have become. All believe that once an angry bird and growling on all dog showed mild side of his character in communication with each other.

They are very sensual couple: Rex kept licking her head. Geraldine pressed against him, and so they are in the arms and sleep every night. Prior to this, any bird that caught him, would be eaten up in no time! He’s such a dog, but not in respect of Geraldine «- says Sheila. «I have been a matter of saving animals since 1997 and watched a lot of interest in the behavior of animals, but like never seen.» Rex 11 years, he was in an orphanage after was found bound and tortured chain eight years ago at the dump. Sheila says, «it’s going to put down because he was bitten by all the people in the shelter and could not do anything with it. Everyone is so afraid of Rex, that one worker distract the dog and rushed to their heels, and substituted a second bowl until the dog chasing the first. But since then, he met Geraldine, he has changed beyond recognition. They sleep in an embrace, and Rex puts his paw on top to protect her. In the morning they have breakfast together. Watching them is a pleasure. «

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