IKEA Saves Prague Apartment Renovation Budget


This eye-popping apartment is located in a swanky neighborhood of Prague in the Czech Republic. Purchased in 2009, this 45 square meter apartment was kept intact for several years before the owner decided it was time for a change.

The remodel came with a small budget. Luckily for the owner, his partner happens to be a partial owner of Stag Pads, who became the mastermind behind this colorful and eclectic apartment redesign.


The design incorporates funky eclectic vintage finds with more affordable Ikea pieces, bringing the overall cost of the redesign down. They also reupholstered and fixed several pieces, bringing the costs even lower. Except for plumbing and electrical work, the entire remodel was completed by the owner with the help of his partner.


The palette is focused, with variations of soft grays, aquas, blacks, and yellows. The focus on theme keeps a common thread throughout the home, making the vintage and modern blend together seamlessly and making this eye-popping apartment remodel a stylish success.

Stag-Pads-Prague-Apartment-4-600x900 Stag-Pads-Prague-Apartment-5-600x900 Stag-Pads-Prague-Apartment-6-600x400 Stag-Pads-Prague-Apartment-7-600x900 Stag-Pads-Prague-Apartment-8-600x400

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