Interesting facts about bears.

Contrary to popular belief, not all bears hibernate for the winter in hibernation. Polar bears, for example, are not affected by this phenomenon — they hibernate only pregnant bears.
Bears are a fairly young species of living things. Well, relatively young-they are about 5 million years old, give or take. For comparison, you can see how old is one of the oldest creatures — crocodiles (see interesting facts about crocodiles).

Interesting facts about bears.

Bears are able to neutralize hunting traps, throwing sticks and stones at them, so that they work idle.
The closest relatives of bears from the biological point of view are dogs, wolves and, oddly enough, foxes.

Interesting facts about bears.

Bears really like to ruin bee hives to eat honey (see interesting facts about bees).
The largest of the bears are polar, their weight can reach half a ton. However, extinct about 30 thousand years ago, the short-billed bear was almost twice as large.

All bears have two layers of wool-one protects from water, the other helps to keep warm.
The longest claws can boast of the Malay bear — it has a length of up to 10 centimeters.
Polar bears are able to swim tirelessly a distance of several tens of kilometers.
Have pandas, which, too, belong to these the wild beasts, not on five fingers on front paws, and on six.
Most forest bears are good at climbing trees. However, older and heavier animals usually don’t — except in extreme cases. Not every branch will stand them, and they know it very well.

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