Interesting facts about cats and kittens. Funny cats

1.  Interesting facts about cats and kittens .


Interesting facts about cats and kittens .



Interesting facts about cats and kittens .


For example, the first two months of life kittens have a decisive importance to them for life.
2. If the kitten was born in a large family, with lots of people, then it will be easy to adapt to the changing environment.
3. Self-confidence, as well as the friendliness of the kittens get from my dad.
4. Cats like food at room temperature, rather than the cooler.
5. If you live in the house several cats, feeding them from separate bowls. That’s because these animals — predators and competitors from nature.
6. Your pet does not have to be a vegetarian. It is contained in the meat is important for its health-arginine compound (amino acid).
7. Cats love to live in purity. Therefore, never put the food bowl and a toilet near their bed. These animals follow this rule, even in the wild.
8. Cats need their own territory, ten times larger than for cats.

Interesting facts about cats and kittens .

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