The most interesting facts about cats. Top 10 facts. Funny cats

1. Cats — known domestic healers. According to scientists, rather pat pet to lower blood pressure, calm. Therefore, in the house where live cats easier to tolerate stress, the family becomes more harmonious and friendly.

2. Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees. Do they succeed thanks to the special structure of the body. Each ear has 32 muscles, twelve of which are very active animals.






3. Heart cat beats faster than a person: up to 140 beats per minute.
4. Hobby cats, purring, there are about fifteen hundred times a minute.
5. cats live an average of 15-17 years. It is believed that in three years this animal reaches twenty-one in our opinion, a ten-year-old cat already.

6. The fact that cats like the smell of valerian, known to all. Did you hear that these animals are not indifferent to the garlic, coffee, vinegar, grapes and onions? Unfortunately, these products are harmful to our pets. So keep them away.
7. deadly for cats aspirin.
8. Interesting facts about cats also apply to children. For example, the first two months of life kittens have a decisive importance to them for life.
9. If the kitten was born in a large family, with lots of people, then it will be easy to adapt to the changing environment.
10. Self-confidence, as well as the friendliness of the kittens get from my dad.

The most interesting facts about cats. Top 10 facts. Funny cats



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