Interesting facts about money.

Interesting facts about money.

Thus, the most expensive bill ever sold at auction — this banknotes of the United States in 1000 dollars. In December 2006, before the Christmas holidays, it was sold at auction an anonymous seller «The Grand Watermelon» in Texas for an amount of 2.255 million dollars. The buyer — a private collector, who, like all his colleagues, he decided to leave the name unresolved.

What is the uniqueness of this bill? On the banknote depicts George Gordon Meade, General northerners during the Civil War. On the front side is red stamp «The Grand Watermelon». Banknote belongs to the series in 1890. The draft release notes with the most expensive at the time was called the face value of «a large watermelon.» We named it so because of the unusual, reminiscent of watermelon, zeros on the back side of the banknote.




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