Lean fluffy pancakes.

These pancakes are good not only in the post. For me, this recipe all other Browns walked away to another plan, and the family all the time asking to bake such pancakes. And all because pancakes always turn out! Regardless of mood, plate, ingredients different manufacturers – still the pancakes are very lush, delicious and the cheapest of those that I know.

You will need:

Water — 2 tbsp.

Lean fluffy pancakes.

Sugar — 2 tbsp
Vegetable oil — 2 tbsp
Yeast — 10 g
Salt — 1 tsp
Flour — 4 tbsp.

A glass — 200 ml

How to cook:

1. To start, put a pot of water – we will need boiling water, which will cool to about forty degrees, that is, we have to get warm water. In warm water to dissolve the sugar, salt, yeast and add vegetable oil.

A little more detail on which is the best yeast to use. Of course, often baking and a lot of women use only live, fresh yeast, sold in bars of different mass. But if You make a yeast dough rarely (like me, for example), it is very convenient to use instant dry yeast. Certainly, each of the Housewives have a favorite brand, and that you want to use. In the list of ingredients I conditionally wrote that yeast need 10 grams. This is because in such sachets instant yeast often 9, 10 or 11 grams. Take any bag, this discrepancy in one to two grams, in my opinion, it is not essential.

One important caveat: just make the dough in a large bowl, because it will be actively growing.

2. Now begin to add the flour. It’s always difficult to say exactly how much flour the dough will take. It depends on the quality of flour and its level of stickiness, and even from the manufacturer. So this recipe for me, the main criterion that flour already be enough: the dough should be very lazy. Very! It has incredibly slowly sliding off the spoon.

When I was cooking pancakes this time, we specifically tried to measure how much flour I have left. It turned out that 3 full Cup and ¾ Cup. It turns out that I used almost 4 cups.

3. Our next task is not to interfere with the test. For this purpose it is necessary to put in a warm place for 30-40 minutes (can be longer). Usually I continue to cook dinner, so they set a bowl on the edge of the plate that it came warm. The bowl must be covered. If You used to use for these purposes cover it. But I always cover with a linen towel. So I was still a child taught by my grandmother. The dough continues to breathe through the natural fabric, however, it is protected and wrapped. Do not be surprised that the dough is so much to grow, as it should be. The result is a fluffy, perforated, viscous dough.

4. You can start frying pancakes. Here is a very important point: the dough is in any case should not be mixed. You are typing with a spoon as much dough as you need for one muffin, as if slicing the dough. Only the top, carefully, in small portions. And immediately sent the dough into the pan with hot oil. By the way, Your pancakes will continue to grow and in the pan. It’s surprisingly nice looking, the kids usually love to participate in the process of cooking these magical pancakes.

Standard I bake these muffins: impose the dough into the pan, cover, roasting process a few times obtrusive the pan around its axis (these manipulations allow obzharitsya pancakes evenly), then flip pancakes and again cover the pan with a lid. In the second part, as usual, the pancakes faster. Ready pancakes put a pile on a large platter. Why the big? Because the pancakes would be a lot of, a big family!

This recipe is the budget that you can think of. The recipe has no eggs, no milk, no dairy products. Because more often want to please households delicious, fluffy, Golden pancakes.

Convenient to eat with honey, and berries, with jam and sour cream. But most of all my child loves pancakes, dusted with powdered sugar (I understand that it is unhealthy, but so delicious).

Try to cook these pancakes at least once – and I’m sure they will be Your signature dish duty. Because the recipe is insanely simple, winningly cheap, but it is such a win!

Bon appetit!

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