Mercedes has created a new four-door coupe.

Test Drive: Mercedes-Benz CLS 350d

Sea. The sun. The greens … Ha! When I write these lines, the Spanish rain sadly knocks on the «curved line of windows» of the new CLS, covering it with a «shark nose» and collecting pimples on «muscular hind wings.» This is equally pleasing and sad. Pleases — because we had a chance to feel the fullness of the drive 4Matic AWD with an emphasis on the rear axle, which all CLS will receive in the database. And sad — because we hoped to spend more time enjoying the «sensual purity» that the chief designer Mercedes Gorden Wagener calls «the archetype of a four-door coupe.»


He is right: in the distant 2003, the first concept CLS became the ancestor of the very notion of «coupe-four-doors.» By that time neither Audi nor BMW had suspected that it was possible to take a relatively modest chassis of a three-compartment sedan, change the body to something reminiscent of a classic merchant, raise the price … and get crowds of jubilant buyers.



The new CLS hardly lacks the grace of the original. But, we admit, he looks worse in photos than in life. Perhaps this will justify the new face. Inside the CLS — almost analogous to the E-Class, and there’s nothing wrong: after all, in fact it’s the same machine as before. Although, in the former «sielece»
you scratched your forehead with a sun visor, and then there was more air over your head.

Unlike «yeshki», there are more backlighting (including ventilation wells), aroma-liquid in the glove compartment, and two 12.3-inch screens are included in the basic configuration. You can control them either via the touchpad on the steering wheel from the S-Class overloaded with buttons, or habitually — by the controller on the central
the tunnel.

Mercedes has created a new four-door coupe.

Of course, the bend of the roof still affects the space for the rear passengers, but you can count on comfort for two. Although … you are unlikely to take passengers, because CLS — this is the wheelbarrow for the driver. We started with the exterior, but in fact the motors and transmission are almost the main thing here. At the beginning of sales, Mercedes will offer two engines in three versions. The debutant among them is a in-line 3-liter 6-cylinder diesel from the updated S-Class, available in options 350d (286 hp) or 400d (340 hp).

The only gasoline engine (the same volume and with the same number of cylinders) comes complete with a 48-volt battery and integrated in the transmission engine-starter generator EQ Boost, giving a short time another 22 hp. and 250 Nm. Release the gas — and CLS can park with the engine off. The same thing, by the way, is equipped with a new S 500. The transmission for all CLS — 9-band automatic.

I have in my hands a version with an optional «pneuma», which gives the move a shocking value and does not push to activate any of the sport modes (there are two of them —
Sport and Sport +), but if you turn them on … Click — and rolls almost at the bottom, the diesel engine works just as smoothly, but much more responsive, and the songs of wind and tires are barely audible.

The combination of Mercedes platform, technology, motors and know-how means that it is extremely difficult to spoil the result of their addition. Like the new Audi A7, it’s more like a GT-sybarite in a suit from an expensive tailor than a sports version of a popular sedan. CLS has turned out to be an excellent, versatile car that has something to offer to almost everyone. And, unlike the Ingolstadt, who does not spoil the driver with a particularly soft chassis, the smoothness of the CLS’s habits is justified. Apart from the new exterior, to which (if viewed from the front or from the rear) it is absolutely necessary to get used to it, CLS is a car for pleasure from the first second. A real, stereotypical Mercedes.

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