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Himalayan cat breed named Colonel Meow (Colonel Meow) was born October 11, 2011, and became famous even before it got into the record books in the late summer of 2013. The owner of the wool, the length of which reached 23 centimeters, the Internet became a star after he had a personal website and accounts on social networks.

Life of Colonel Meow is like the history of the cult heroes of rock ‘n’ roll — the cat lived fast and died young. As befits a legend, started the next colonel from the bottom — from the animal shelter in the US Seattle. Little Kitten Himalayan rock attracted the attention of a young couple Evie Anne Marie and Eric Rosario, which «adopted» baby in autumn 2011.

Meow fame in August 2012, when the mistress has got his page in Facebook, the Instagram account, and later the channel on YouTube. Physiognomy of a cat is really harsh. It seems as if he despised all around. This is very similar to another cat celebrity — «Angry Cat» (Grumpy cat). Cat in his facebook constantly expressed indignation on certain occasions (for example, it irritated the offensive Monday, winter holidays and everything else), threatened to enslave the world, as well as a declaration of love to the Scottish whiskey and hatred to his girlfriend, Labrador Boots.

But Colonel Meow, except for extremely harsh and unfriendly muzzle, has another feature — a luxurious fur coat. Mistress Cat Anne Marie claims that she takes care of the hair of your pet the most common ways — comb, stroking, and of Colonel treats all sorts of goodies. However, Internet users have repeatedly expressed doubts about the naturalness coats Colonel Meow — very lush and menacing look of his sideburns.

One of the favorite activities of Colonel Meow was sitting (or lying) of the airflow of the fan. It can be understood, as to walk in a fur coat all year round — even in the ordeal of the Colonel. Although due to the downy coat cat seems just huge, Colonel Meow weight barely four kilograms. And it is absolutely inappropriate gluttony. Anne-Marie wrote: «He always eats a lot. He goes to a bowl, eat off, but if forgets the path that he had just eaten, and again returned to the bowl. » Slimming beauties can only envy.

The tops of Fame cat reached in the summer of 2013, when representatives of the Guinness Book of Records officially recorded that Colonel Meow wool with a length of 23 cm is the most long-haired cat in the world. But glory is always a downside. Busy schedule of life, the constant shooting and participate in talk shows Colonel undermined health.

In November 2013, the state of Internet character has deteriorated so much that he was admitted to a veterinary clinic where the cat was diagnosed with congenital heart problems. to raise funds for the treatment of an animal was declared, and the aid of Colonel Meow attended by thousands of his admirers. However, to help the cat turned out to be impossible. Colonel Meow, like rock stars, said goodbye to the fans by starring in the music video. In December 2013 in Hollywood was presented a clip on a song called Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas with Colonel Meow, as well as four other feline star of the Internet. The colonel himself was present at the presentation of the video and how to eyewitnesses, already looked unimportant.

Cure the animal failed and he returned to the owners of a house in Los Angeles, where he died on the night of January 30, 2014. He was two years and three months. All this, of course, could not leave indifferent web users who passionately loved the Colonel. Therefore, when it became aware of his death, many fans expressed Anne Marie perfectly sincere condolences, some of them even admitted that they were crying after learning about the death of the star.

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