Сute cats -Why cat needs a mustache?

Why cat needs a mustache?

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The cat, on average 12 mobile whiskers on each side of the muzzle. At the base of the whiskers has a large number of nerve endings, so the cat with the help of these receives the information about everything that surrounds it — about things, wind, temperature, etc. If you remove the cat whiskers, it may be difficult to navigate in space, for example, bad hunting and generally feel insecure.
The scientific name of the mustache — vibrissae — so they are often referred to in the literature simply ruskoyazychnyh whiskers. Whiskers really vibrate.
If a cat’s whiskers looking ahead — something she is very interested. Or in clashes wants to scare the opponent. If whiskers look back — a cat is frightened, she avoids touching.
Nervous condition in cats give ears — they have it finely twitching, although the cat may sit quietly and observe. It is even possible, touching the cat in such a state, get her to hiss and strike paw.
When you attack someone cat ears pressed firmly to the head. This is for the protection of the teeth and claws of the enemy. If the cat is attacking itself, the ears it down horizontally and to the sides, forming a triangle.
Cat fights are short, but very fierce. Their main weapon in the fight — his teeth.

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