Mulled wine for the evening

Add sugar and spices, lower the heat to a small stir and bring to a boil (do not let boil). Pour over the glasses (take special glasses for mulled wine) and serve.

Preparation time 15
Cooking time 25
Difficulty Easy
Number of servings

Mulled wine for the evening

Freeze, Cool
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Pumpkin deruny


Pumpkin deruny is a tasty, satisfying dish, reminiscent of the draniki we all know. Pumpkin pancakes are not at all difficult to prepare and consist only of the ingredients we are accustomed to.

We prepare the necessary ingredients for the deruns.

Pumpkin deruny

We clear the vegetables and grind them with the help of a combine or pass through a meat grinder.

We add flour and egg. Solim, pepper and carefully mix everything. Read more »

Carbon Revolution lands the big one

Ferrari 488 Pista

New deal will see Carbon Revolution wheels on the options list at Ferrari

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