Pomegranate bracelet

Cooking Desserts Cake “Garnet Bracelet”
Prepare a colored biscuit. But first you need to make the necessary preparations. Cut off a suitable piece of parchment paper so that it covers the whole bottom of the baking tray for the biscuit and slightly closes its sidewalls. Measure the height of your cake shape and the length of the circle so that it fits along the length of the baking tray.

Pomegranate bracelet

Recipe for Garnet Bracelet Step-1

Beat butter with powdered sugar and vanillin, gradually add protein whilst continuing to beat. Read more »

The Monroney sheet: a window sticker history

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Imagine walking into a car dealership blindfolded, not knowing for certain what exactly you were paying for when buying that shiny, brand-new vehicle on the showroom floor. Imagine not being able to see a list price for each individual vehicle option and add on, not knowing for sure how much the destination charge was, or even what the list price of the vehicle itself was. Instead, you’d have to trust the dealer’s word on all of that. Sounds a little bit crazy, right?

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Cheese cake with banana

If you decide to please your family, and there are no new recipes left in the cookbook, then the cottage cheese cake with a banana will help to solve your problem. You can rest assured that your family will be happy to eat such a tender and light dessert, giving you praise.

Cheese cake with banana

Cottage cheese cake is perfect not only for dessert for tea every day, but for a solemn table will be an ideal decoration. It can be decorated by sprinkling with chocolate, chopped nuts or coconut chips, which will give even more flavor to this dish. You can start boldly to cook, since a cake can hardly be spoiled. Read more »

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