Best cars. Beautiful photo. Interesting facts

Interesting facts.  Steve Jobs traveled only on Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG cars, and without license plates.

Best cars.




The fact is that according to California laws on the installation of numbers given as much as six months. Jobs signed a contract with one car dealership, according to which every six months he took the new SL 55, and the old one returned back. The benefit of the car dealership was that the car that Jobs had managed could be sold more expensive than the new one. Read more »

Chocolate Cake

corn flakes 50 g, peanuts 180 g, dark chocolate 300 g, butter 80 g

Chocolate Cake

Half of the chocolate (mine with nuts) break into pieces and melt in the microwave or in a water bath, Read more »

Best cars. Facts about cars.

Facts about cars. Surprisingly, the first car, exceeding the speed of 100 km / h, became an electric car. It was designed in 1899 by race car driver Camille Zhenatzi from Belgium.

Bugatti Chiron

Best cars

The first car of mass production was the Ford Model T, it was produced from 1908 to 1927. Before that, cars were made by teams of masters individually and cost a lot of money. A car Ford in 1924 cost only 265 dollars.

2018 McLaren MSO Senna 
Limited Edition № 52/500



BMW M4 Coupé


Ferrari 488 Pista

Yuri Gagarin after the momentous flight was awarded the «Volga» with the numbers 12-04 SAC, formed by the date of the flight and initials. The following cosmonauts on personal machines retained the letters JAG as an index of Star City in the Moscow Region, and continued to denote the date of flight with numbers.

2018 McLaren MSO Senna 
Limited Edition № 34/500

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Cute dogs. Funny pictures

Cute dogs. Funny pictures

And you know that puppies start to see normally only after the 1st month.
Lundehund dogs have 6 fingers on each paw.

In the Bible, dogs are mentioned 14 times.
Three dogs survived the death of Titanic — Newfoundland, Pomeranian, and Pekingese.




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Lemon Coconut Cheesecake


50 g butter, 125 g ground cookies, 100 ml milk

Lemon Coconut Cheesecake

250 g cream cheese or cottage cheese, 120 g icing sugar, 40 g coconut chips,
50 ml of lemon juice, 200 ml of cream, 1 grated lemon zest Read more »

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