Interesting facts about cats and kittens. Funny cats

1.  Interesting facts about cats and kittens .


Interesting facts about cats and kittens .

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Furniture for children’s rooms. #children bedroom

What should be the interior of a child? Of course, the best thing about it knows the child. However, it is unlikely to be able to present arguments to you the concept of the interior of his «cabinet» — thought the little man is full of vivid imagery and associations are not burdened with well-established logical correspondences. Therefore, when designing the interior of a baby’s room, do not be lazy for a while to go back to your own childhood and be with your baby on an equal footing.

Furniture for children's rooms

Furniture for children’s rooms


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Hallstatt — inaccessible tiny municipality in the Austrian Alps, Beautiful places

The small size and remoteness from major highways does not prevent Hallstatt take tens of thousands of tourists and to be one of the most visited places in Austria.



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The most interesting facts about cats. Top 10 facts. Funny cats

1. Cats — known domestic healers. According to scientists, rather pat pet to lower blood pressure, calm. Therefore, in the house where live cats easier to tolerate stress, the family becomes more harmonious and friendly.

2. Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees. Do they succeed thanks to the special structure of the body. Each ear has 32 muscles, twelve of which are very active animals. Read more »

The idea for the kitchen interior

Design a small kitchen — color and pictures

You want to know how professional designers to be able to use the small kitchen to the max? For the most part, due to the optical illusion — visually «stretching» the space. To do this, they have a lot of different tricks in reserve, which should take note.

Any calm and neutral colors best reflect the color and visually pushing the boundaries. So feel free to «wear» the walls in light colors. By the way, if you want to design a small kitchen became more interesting, add a little dark or colored accents. Read more »

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