42 Gorgeous Grey Bedrooms

The colour of the moment, grey is everything you want it to be in almost any living space. Compatible with living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, it’s only natural that its powers would work beautifully in a bedroom. These forty grey bedrooms show the stretch of grey across a range of themes and colour solutions. Often paired with brighter reds, oranges or purples, its muted hues complement and contrast over a variety of design solutions. Whether for a couple, bachelor or bachelorette, each of these designs delivers to their desired end – pampering, relaxation, or a good night’s sleep – with grey as their hero.

Visualizer: Penint Design Studio  

Patterned to perfection, this grey bedroom uses stripes, hexagons and concrete to provide a canvas for autumnal hues. Bronze bauble lights and olive green are set upon by pops of yellow, blue and black in a rug and ornaments.

Visualizer: KYDE architects  

The modern industrial is exemplified in upper concrete walling and simple grey bedding. A wooden floor adds warmth, as a glass walk-in wardrobe mirrors more grey.

Visualizer: Yaroslav Kovalchuk  

Monochromatic is not just black and white. This statement space juxtaposes grey and white in wall panelling, bedside fixtures, distressed wood and seven art forms.

Visualizer: KDVA Architects  

Grey is the ideal minimalist hue. This space highlights its charm under panelled LED lighting and simple block furniture.

Visualizer: Harun Kaymaz  

Green-grey tones add and remove emphasis in this bedroom. Centred by a focal grey and white abstract piece, concrete walls background two side tables, a leather chair and rug.

Visualizer: Fly Design Studio  

Textures dominate this muted space, made resplendent by a hanging bauble light. Mirrored by a bedside bauble vase, grey strikes in a feature wall and joinery. Differing woods line the rest.

Visualizer: Dattrands  

A grey feature wall is powerful, not overpowering. A geometric headboard acts the focal point, while grey bedding comforts white drop lighting, patterned wooden floors and two beige chairs.

Visualizer: Angelica Andreichenko  

Yet another one that uses cool geometric patterns on the headboard side to good effect.

Visualizer: Roman Pravnik  

Lending the masculine, grey wows in matte walls, a corrugated hanging light and complementary bedding. A row of white books and distressed abstract even out this grey and beige space.

Visualizer: Anwar Al Jufrey Khalid  

A loftier respite is offered by grey and wood. Wooden Roman blinds reveal concrete and wooden stairs, culminating in a black futon bed. Monochromatic art ties it together.

Architect: Sreten Jovanovic & Maja Urh  
Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

Sprigs of fresh tulips add life to this three-panelled headboard, acting as a background. Matched by mirrors on either side, grey and green clothe the bed in natural tones.

Visualizer: Blalank Studio  

The eclectic shines in top-to-toe grey walls, some matte, some concrete. Light grey windows open up a series of picture frames, wooden chest and table, and potted cacti.

Visualizer: Iqosa  

Grey and red intersect beautifully in this space for desire. Striped with a rose-red headboard and throw, grey wooden walls show off abstract art and add diamonds to the rug below.

Visualizer: C4 Grafx  

Grey and purple play off one another in a room lit by a silver chandelier. A plum feature wall leads to violet bedding, curtains and an aubergine rug. Grey fills the spaces inbetween, adding character in a chaise longue.

Visualizer: Sherin Hany  

Lighter shades of pastel add decorum in this Florentine-patterned space, perfect for pampering. A violet chair matches a throw, while a grey rug and wallpaper align with a headboard and white drop chandeliers.

Visualizer: Room Quadro  

Grey makes the space larger, through walls headed by white textured panels. Mirrors either side reflect grey walls and framing curtains, doubling the space on either side.

Visualizer: Zigshot82  

Grey and black alternate using the tiling effect on the central wall. Placed on black wooden flooring, a grey rug picks up light, allowing a brown-and-beige bed to invite.

Visualizer: LifeArch  

This 60’s style bedroom is light and bright, as afforded by the help of grey. White chiffon curtains, a textured wall decoration and feature wall create spaces. A touch of grey bedding denotes the centre.

Visualizer: Rubik  

Greys and purples meet again in this multi-hued bedroom, lacquered and ornate. Grey provides a light central panel, turning purple on the sides. Purple-hued browns adorn the floor and leather chair, while a grey clock pops above central yellow cushions.

Visualizer: Đình Dũng Hoàng  

Grey denotes softness, in contrast to black and white. This multi-monochromatic space offers grey relief in a soft rug, duvet, and glass wall panel, while black, white and wood frame the rest.

Visualizer: Omar Essam  

Grey and orange are a perfect pairing in this modern space, offering warmer tones. Grey evokes calm in a feature wall and bedding, while wood and pumpkin invite autumn siestas.

Visualizer: Andrew Repn  

Grey’s cool allows yellow’s sophistication in this bold bedroom. Framing the central feature, grey chairs and an ottoman play with charcoal and white on a wooden floor.

Visualizer: KRoom  

Grey and pink offer the feminine in a couple’s bedroom. Grey stripes the walls and bedding, while pink adds detail, a black rug grounding.

Visualizer: Nika Vorotyntseva  

Grey lends the kitsch elegance, in this grey and white space. Grey frames a crochet print and bed under, while white gets fresh in bedding and curtains. Pastels and metallics draw the eye.

Visualizer: Hieu Doan  

Grey emanates the modern and clean. A side wall, bedding and side table in grey meet a beige headboard and monochromatic canvas, in this unisex space.

Visualizer: KGM Vietnam  

The rectangle patterned headboard extends to the ceiling to neatly partition the bedroom into a sleeping space and a dressing space.

Visualizer: Le Anh  

Shapes, rather than colours, dominate this grey space. A chequered feature wall leads to an oblong bed space, matched by a cylindrical bedside lamp and table.

Visualizer: Andriy Voskolovich  

Green and grey culminate in a central, minimalist futon bed. Exploding in feature wall textures, grey shines in the wardrobe glass. A green-grey shagpile creates softness.

Visualizer: Stanza  

A grey inlet shines in this space, as framed by white walls. Wooden floors offer a base to an L-shaped bedside table, window seat and bed, dressed in – you guessed it – a myriad of grey tones.

Visualizer: Desygner Hoang  

This minimalist grey bedroom is a darker space for sleeping. Wedged between floor-length mirrors and grounded on wood, a sprig of flowers gives contrast.

Visualizer: Eke Interior  

Perfect for a couple, this grey and white room focuses on clean lines. Simple charcoal pinstripes adorn a white wall and curtains, while grey oscillates between dark and light.

Visualizer: Oporski Architecture  

Light and bright, this space only softly touches grey. Glowing lamps on a white bedside bench herald a soft space for sleeping, amongst white and swan grey.

Visualizer: Bora Evgar  

Grey and wood make a statement with a panelled wall and glossy dark-wood floors. Two monochromatic prints stand out above glowing curve lights, drawing the viewer in.

Visualizer: Eke Interiors  

Grey and white evoke a relaxed feel, backgrounded by taupe cotton panelling. Letting in light from a floor-length window, grey, brown, white and taupe are sun and lamp-lit. A beige woollen rug keeps them company.

Visualizer: Marta Gord  

Grey and wood alternate in this industrial space, built for a bachelor. Rough wooden bedframes, window seats and a feature wall are joined by a grey headboard panel, walls, bedding and cylindrical lighting. LED lights frame the scene.

Visualizer: projek_f  

Another bedroom for a bachelor, charcoal and wood room here form the slick. Adorned with a racing car over a striking wooden panel, charcoal panelled walls match a plush rug and soft bedding.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

Eclecticism is muted by grey in a half-wall, quilted chair and charcoal bedding. Dots connect to photos and memories on grey, while wooden walls and flooring sidle next to a stack of books.

Visualizer: Quang Đạt  

Grey becomes warmer in this brown and grey bedroom. Shrouded in semi-lined grey wallpaper, warm chocolate bedding, a chair and wooden elements create cosiness between lighting.

Visualizer: Tomas Sciskala  

Grey and pastels mix beautifully together, as this sleeping space shows. Light grey walls and a matching headboard are popped by hues of mint, baby pink and blue to add the feminine. Intersecting sepia portraits and bedside dandelions provide delicacy.

Visualizer: Michel Leyraud  

Almost green, this grey and beige bedroom looks different closer in. Dangling white bauble lights glow on a grey rug and charcoal walling. Beige and white bedding with light-wood fixtures rest beside bedside tables. An olive chair adds a finishing touch.

Visualizer: Dmitriy Kurilov  

You can hear the sea in this oceanic bedroom, heralded by a painting in blue. Grey velvet bedding and quartered carpets mark the space beneath a multitude of black and white hanging lights.

Visualizer: Image Box Studio  

A touch of honey is all it took to liven up this grey space, resplendent in honeycomb patterning. Grey and honey mix with black and white to add colour and texture to different living areas.

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Spirit of Halloween – “The Well Of The Witch”

“Halloween” is a national holiday celebrated every year on 31 October. This festival traces its roots in Ireland, where the Celts were very interested in the spiritual world. They imitating the gods in showing wisdom and it also helped in defeating their enemies. The word “Halloween” comes from the words of All-Hallows-Even. Today, this holiday is mostly celebrated in America and Canada. The whole day is painted in black and orange. Children dress up in scary costumes like witches, ghosts, wizards, skeletons and go from house to house telling the famous sentence: “Trick or treat”. So, in the spirit of Halloween we present you the “The well of the Witch”.

Tuhala Witch's Well


Tuhala nõiakaev

Tuhala nõiakaev

“The well of the Witch” is unusually attractive place in the Estonian village Tuhala. This well most of the time looks very normal and has no difference from the other wells. But, when there is a strong influx, it starts to throw huge amounts of water over the surface. So, the whole area around it is flooded. According to legend, the witches from Tuhala gather in underground sauna and mutual cruelly beaten with birch twigs. Oblivious, that cause the storm over the well.


tuhala nõiakaev

Witches Well, Tuhala

But, what exactly is happening at “The well of the Witch”? The truth is that “The well of the Witch” is located above the underground river. When torrential rains will cluttered the bed of the river, the water pressure becomes so strong that the well began to flow enormous amount of water. This miracle of nature usually takes several days.

tuhala nõiakaev

tuhala nõiakaev


“The well of the Witch” is only 2.5 meters deep, but because of the strong underground pressure water can reach up to half a meter above ground. It is said that from this well can be poured out up to an incredible 100 liters of water every second.
“The well of the Witch” is very popular in Europe and every year is visited by many tourists.



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Writers Theater Creates a Modern Cultural Hub Outside Chicago

Modern Cultural Hub

The Writers Theater in Glencoe, Illinois—completed by Studio Gang—offers its community a modern cultural hub with innovative performance spaces.  The space features two venues, a main stage and a black box theater.  Within each, the design structured seats to “maximize the sense of intimacy between actors and audience and to enhance the immersive experience.”

Main Stage

The main theater and hallways connect to a glass-enclosed atrium that provides a central, multi-use meeting place.  Unlike the intimate performance spaces, the atrium feels bright and open. Its elevated ceilings reach up two stories to a second floor a canopy walk, which is partially open to the outside through a loose wooden lattice.

Studio Gang created a very unique piece at the center of the lobby.  It has built-in shelving and a bar for concessions on one side and then flows into stadium seating on the other.

Unique Built-in

During intermission, visitors can venture through a canopy walk to the building’s second-floor patio.  It is the perfect spot for enjoying the night and a glass of wine.  Similarly, the lobby can be opened to the adjacent Women’s Library Club Park in warm weather.  This feature makes the most of the project’s site in the Glencoe community. [Photography and information courtesy of Studio Gang]


Patio Upstairs


Bright Lights


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