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Top 10 classic cars at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show

Many OEMs like to pull out great old cars from their museums to remind consumers and enthusiasts where they come from. Here are the best from this year’s Geneva Auto Show.

Full Hennessey Venom GT Road Test | Road and Track

Your Next Vehicle Is More Likely To Have A CVT: Here’s Why

2014 Honda Civic EX CVT  -  DrivenLike it or not: Nearly every new vehicle—we’re talking around 95 percent—has an automatic transmission of some sort. And manual transmissions are rare today, except among a few performance-oriented models. That’s the obvious. What might not be so apparent to new-car shoppers is that the portion of vehicles with automatic…

Ireland The South

Ireland. Day1Here I am lying on my bunk on the way to Dublin after arriving by train from Clitheroe to Holyhead. The sun is shining and the sea is calm. What more can you desire on your first day of an exciting journey to visit the Irish Bogs The bike i

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