Why cats are afraid of cucumbers? Funny cats

Why cats are afraid of cucumbers?

Interesting facts about cats

Internet users play their home cats completely innocent trick, which leads to a surprisingly interesting result. It is necessary to put the cat until he eats, ordinary cucumbers, like a cat, seeing quite a harmless vegetable, in a panic run away. Why is that, while no one understands. read below…


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Internet users play their home cats completely innocent trick, which leads to a surprisingly interesting result. It is necessary to put the cat until he eats, ordinary cucumbers, like a cat, seeing quite a harmless vegetable, in a panic run away. Why is that, while no one understands.

Interestingly, this should be just dlinnoplodny cucumber and place it should be quiet, so that the cat did not notice anything. When he turns around and sees an unexpected thing, sometimes a very unexpected reaction. The trend is gaining momentum on the Internet, and is held under the tag «Cucumbers, scary cats»

Specialist in animal behavior, Dr. Roger Mugford, comments on the unexpected behavior of the cat: «I think that the reaction proceeds primarily by surprise that a strange object appeared right behind them, while they ate. Cats are always suspicious of any innovation: the cucumber in their eyes may well seem like a snake or some other predator. I suspect that the same reaction can be to model the Spider, plastic fish or mask. So it is not a cucumber as such, but in an unexpected context of their appearance. »

Well, I’m going to try on my cat!
Nooo, wait! Experts advise not to do it. The frightened cat may be injured — for example, by breaking something in the room. In addition, it may appear psychological problems: stress and even a sense of constant anxiety (if you will often frighten her).

Funny cats.How old is the oldest cat in the world?

How old is the oldest cat in the world?

  Interesting facts about cats

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The most famous long-lived cat Puff was from Texas, who died in 2005 at the age of 38 years. Normal cats can live up to 20 years (approximately 96 person-years).

cat’s nose has a unique fingerprint, as well as the human fingerprint.

Cats can identify an earthquake for 10-15 minutes before a person feels it.

With their cats talking 95 percent of their respective owners.
Cats — Alien. This convinced even some scientists. In their opinion, the main task of the cats — watch the creatures on Earth, and evidence of their extraterrestrial origin — amazing abilities that are not available in other animals.

When in ancient Egypt in the family dying cat, family members as a sign of mourning shaved eyebrows. Cat embalmed mummy was placed in the family tomb in the cemetery or for the animals along with the mummies of mice. In 1888, more than 300 thousand. Mummified cats were found on the Egyptian cemeteries.

The earliest ancestor of modern cats lived around 30 million years ago.

Cat usually has whiskers 12 on each side.



Сute cats.Why cats are not removed even if dropped from a great height?

Сute and Funny  cats

Why cats are not removed even if dropped from a great height?

Interesting facts about cats





Why cats are not removed even if dropped from a great height? After examining the circumstances of the plurality of successful downs animals, the researchers found that cats helps the so-called «parachute effect»: their legs are lengthened, and the body expands, reducing the speed of the fall. At the minimum height the cat used primarily elasticity of their paws. Another explanation: the fall from a great height cat pulls paw and tail to the body and flies, spinning — thus it slows down the fall. And before landing leg straightens.
Why the cat shakes paws? To show an aversion to something, the cat raises legs and shakes them. Perhaps this is due to an instinctive action otryahivaniya of water, which is unpleasant for most cats.
Why cats hide when sick? Instinct says a cat that when he is weak, he is easy prey for a predator, so in times of disease cats are trying to hide from possible dangers.
Facts about the cat’s vision. Cats to see enough 1 / 6th of light required to man. The cat-eye darkness even uses light reflected from the retina. Cats, unlike dogs, can not focus his eyes on close objects, the farsightedness have cats, and dogs — are short-sighted. Cats can see in the distance up to 60 meters. Their peripheral vision — about 285 degrees. In fact, it is best to see the cat at a distance from 75 cm to 2.6 meters. If the pupils are dilated despite the bright light, the cat something or very interested in a playful mood. Cats eyes are round, slanted and almond. Eye color kitten may vary with age.

Who’s smarter — cats or dogs? Funny dogs and cats

Who’s smarter — cats or dogs? 

Interesting facts about cats and dogs



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In general, cats have a lower social the IQ, than dogs, but they can solve more complex cognitive tasks when they are interested.
Cats are often lactose intolerant, so they stop giving milk!
The cartoons lie: it is better not to feed cats raw fish.
Isaac Newton is credited with inventing the cat door.

Cats make about 100 different sounds. Dogs — only 10.

Dog sees surroundings in yellow, blue and gray shades. Red object dog sees yellow and green as a grayish-white, because it does not perceive the green, orange and red colors. But shades of gray dog distinguish much better than we do.

The cat’s ear pivots 180 degrees. In each ear of a cat 32 muscle to control the ear they use twelve or more muscles.

Dogs are aware of not only the words and gestures, and eye. According to the movement of his eyes dog owner can anticipate that he intends to do. Scientists say that the ability to understand everything without words four-legged pets are no worse than a two-year children. The researchers believe that cats are the most (in comparison with other animals) possess extrasensory perception, popularly called the «third eye».

25 reasons why you should not have a dog.Сute dogs

25 reasons why you should not have a dog. Сute dogs

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1. You will live a week. The cycle never ends. You never relax. Morning and evening walk is waiting for you. All year round, even in the morning on January 1st. You can not go on business trips and on vacation. Life will turn into two activities: Walking and feed. Walk. Feed. Walk. Feed. Walk. Feed. Walk. Feed. Walk. And walks meant a long and full, interesting and cheerful, with the inevitable energetic obozrevaniya surroundings for people, dogs, children, cats, rustling bags and open hatches. The reaction was developed, people and dogs hate.
2. Chill hate too. As the heat. Not to mention the rain and slush. All calendar will take place before your eyes. Magazine «Young Naturalist» is ready for the big money to buy your observing nature. Salvation Army for more money will be ready to buy your clothes gulyatelnye a la jacket and old boots. And stupid hats! You will learn to comfort himself that «but heat and blows, and the darkness is still not visible.»
3. Forgetting about booze, clubs, night spree and Spanier until it stops. Now more importantly — do not buy some brandy, and how much was the last time your dog pee. And if you go beyond the critical mark of 12 hours, you will not save even hara-kiri. Because conscience. And we do not like drunks. And sneeze from smoke and look pained eyes. And the offer to go out — refuse to quietly but emphatically. Type — I’m better, I’ll sit here. And then suddenly you have udumali.
4. Prepare the new nightmares. The most terrible horror — in a dream you dreamed that ended feed. Although you have just recently bought a pack of fucking trinadtsatikilogrammovy Pedigree and dragged him on his hump on the fifth floor. And he suddenly ended.
5. Learn to understand the supplements and vitamins; do not listen to all those who ship on the subject of «how to feed the dog, because I feed her well»; predict that the dog will carry milk from the eggs will turn the stomach, and a tub of bread + food + bucket steam cans will be for dinner at the time. to be continued…


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