BEST CAR. Unusual sports car. Interesting facts about cars

BEST CAR. Unusual sports car

Interesting facts about cars



A Chinese worker all his life dreamed of a supercar, once realized that the only way to get it — to build a dream. However, sports car built by them is different except that the original design, as its characteristics are far from the word «super».





BEST CAR. Chinese coins paid for the car.

BEST CAR. Chinese coins paid for the car.

Interesting facts about cars


Chinese coins paid for the car.
On the eve of one of the auto dealerships in China car buyer wished to make an initial payment for the car, «petty cash». The dealer could not assume that the «petty cash» — this is three bags weighing 150 kilograms.


         Chevrolet Corvette


       McLaren P1



Funny dogs and cats. Dogs can see color?

Dogs can see color?

Interesting facts about dogs.




It turns out that cats never meow to each other: these sounds are devoted exclusively to people. The fact that cats differ excellent hearing, due to their physiological characteristics — cat’s ear has the ability to rotate 180 degrees, which are responsible for over 10 muscles. Domestic cats usually live up to 15 years, and the average lifespan of untamed animals does not exceed five years. Many interesting facts about cats relate to records of the Guinness Book. For example, a cat from South Africa gave birth to a litter of 14 kittens and a cat from Australia, weighing 21 kg, is the largest representative of its kind.

It is easy to give and a lot of interesting facts about dogs. According to one of the most common and well-known versions of all pet dogs were domesticated by man before anyone else. The first domesticated dogs were ten thousand years ago. The oldest dog breed — a Siberian husky, Sharp and Pekingese. The fact that all the dogs are color-blind — not a myth. They really do not know how to distinguish between colors, even guide dogs, translating their masters across the street, oriented not on the traffic signal, and the behavior of surrounding pedestrians. Everyone knows about the beautiful canine sense of smell, but not everyone knows that dogs are able to distinguish up to 500 thousands of different odors.

Like a cat treats his master?Сute and funny cats.

Like a cat treats his master?

Сute cats — Interesting facts about cats

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Cats like to sleep on paper: this material is soft, warm. Therefore, a place to rest your cat should be selected because of its taste. Cats sleep a day about 18 hours.
If the cat is sleeping with all four paws tucked under him — it’s to cold weather.
Witold Klodzek, a veterinarian from the Polish city of Elblag for twenty years working with animals gathered a rich collection. Klodzeka have an excellent collection of … cat chihov recorded on magnetic tape. It is particularly active replenished in the autumn and spring, when the vet to bring a lot of healing and Murok Barsik. Now in the collection of over one hundred entries chihov different tone, volume and duration.
Do not assume too finicky cats simply because before you start the meal, they long vnyuhivayutsya proposed in the dish. In such cases, the nose serves as a thermometer.
Special study in the US showed that forty-nine percent of US doctors strongly advise their patients … urgently make any pet! Most often, they offer cat. According to experts, in such an unusual «recipe» is hiding a lot of sense. The fact is, doctors say, that our «smaller brothers» become real helpers in the treatment of diseases, which are due to stress or fatigue.
Carried out by the University at Buffalo in New York State, studies have shown that if the cat is healthy, then the master couple. Families where they hold the animals, much easier to tolerate crises and communicate more.
People who have pets live longer and are less prone to stress.

Funny dogs and cats.How much costs the content of dogs per year?

How much costs the content of dogs per year?

Interesting facts. - The coolest pics on the net!





Cats ear better than in dogs, the upper limit of 65 kilohertz reaches is 2 times — than in dogs. A better sense of smell in dogs due to the vast number of receptors in the nose — 200 million as of the constantly wet nose (better known moisture holding odors).
The smartest dogs — Doberman Pinscher, Collie, Golden Retriever, Poodle, German guard. A cats, irrespective of species, have an average level of intelligence, not less than five most smart dogs.

The duration of the dog’s life is 12-14 years old, with his whole life, he is your master 5-10 thousand dollars.

The duration of the life of a cat is 9-15 years, cat content cost about 2-8 thousand dollars.
Scientists say that the owners of the cats likely to have university degrees and diplomas.
As scientists believe that dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, rarely get sick and have better health.

The smallest cat, inscribed in the Book of Records Ginnesa- Himalayan-Persian blyupoynt, whose name is Tinker Toy; When fully formed is its length was only 19 centimeters.
July 28, 1999 during the Great Exhibition of dogs in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Russian Shepherd Wolf carried a jump in freestyle at the height of 160 cm.

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