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Vibrant Café in China Blends Old with New

FANAF Architects completed the design of a contemporary gathering spot, Pause Café, in Nanjing, China. The vibrant cafe is located in a gray, decrepit building but stands out thanks to its exterior wooden finishes. Pause Café aims to attract the young creative professionals who work and study in the region.

“The popularity of the area can be attributed to its proximity to the renowned Nanjing University, the recent growth of foreign students and increasing status of western and international influences,” the architects said. “The creative district is synonymous with self-expression and inclusiveness.”

“The camaraderie and vibrant atmosphere extend to the welcoming design of the cafe, which retains its charm being nestled in a 1980s-heritage apartment building,” the architects added. “In its seamless fusion of both vintage and modern materials and design aesthetics, ‘Pause’ encapsulates the wisdom of an old city soul while also intermingling with emerging creative cultures. ”

FANAF Architects decided to use contradictory concepts–modern and traditional–to represent the multicultural and multifaceted nature of the district. Bamboo and black steel are the two main materials used in the design and can be observed throughout, from the lighting units to the shelving systems, table counters and chairs. An outdoor terrace provides a perfect spot for friendly gatherings. Information provided by FANAF Architects; photography by Jin Weijian.

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2 Sleek Homes that are Unapologetically Modern

“Modern” is a term that can get overused when it comes to interior design. Nearly every home is modern in some way or another, whether it’s the inclusion of a flat screen television or a gleaming countertop with an undermounted sink. The two homes featured here, however, go a bit beyond an element or two. Using clean lines, simple furniture and bold pops of greenery, these homes speak to the future. They have a vibe that would make a set designer think about using them as a futuristic bachelor pad or a landing place for a robot designer. Between the dark color schemes and sleek, simple elements, these modern beauties have a timeless appeal.

Visualizer: Yevhen Zahorodnii & SivakTrigubchak  

The first modern home is a 145 square metre (1560 square feet) home in Kiev Ukraine. The living area has a stunning focal point in a modern sofa.

The sleek sectional along with the round coffee tables makes for a practical but also stylish living room.

A table nestled up against the sofa features mismatched decorative vases.

Some modern design shy away from indoor house plants, but they can actually work quite well in a sleek space if the right plants are used.

In the kitchen, which opens out into the main living area, unique wine storage is both useful and adds its own decorative element.

The kitchen and living area are barely separated, but the way they are designed makes them feel like separate spaces.

A black kitchen theme is modern, bordering on futuristic.

The dining table is attached to the kitchen island, but contrasts in color.

The natural light doesn’t get too far into the kitchen, so overhead lighting becomes important.

The light wood flooring is what makes the darker wall elements possible, even if hardwood is not quite as futuristic as some other flooring options.

Black, white, and natural wood is a modern combination that will certainly stand the test of time.

Visualizer: Olga Paliychuk  

Another stunning sectional takes center stage in the next home, which is a 156 square metre (1679 square feet) home in Kiev, Ukraine. The olive green sofa frames simple, elegant wine glasses and an end table.

In another home that lacks a bit for natural light, globe lights dot the landscape.

Closet storage is hidden away in simple panels.

The clean look of the closed closet doors contributes to a dark, modern feeling.

A dark dining table provides a home for a Japanese-inspired pitcher.

The black on black dining set is another luxurious, modern element.

The black and green of the sofa play off one another for a modern but rustic atmosphere.

The use of textures in this home is also quite modern — from wood to metal to concrete.

Moving into the first bedroom, warm wood becomes the texture of choice.

A sleek floor lamp adds important light and style.

A sage green wall color is particularly comforting in a bedroom setting.

The sage green also works especially well with the warm, reddish wood elements giving the bedroom a Southwest flair.

The bathroom has its own modern appeal with white marble walls.

The olive green from the living room also finds its way into the bathroom decor.

Pinkish tiles and a round mirror give the second bathroom a bit of retro appeal.

Moody lighting envelops the visitor to the mod space.

Oversized planters act as stylish homes for huge plants.

The second bedroom also uses reddish wood, but its a bit cooler in its tone.

Large indoor plants and gray colors give this modern bedroom an almost mid-century look.

The wood paneled wall is particularly inviting.

A dark gray and red tiled bathroom has a masculine bent to be sure.

The combination of square edges and rounded fixtures make the bathroom a bit more visually interesting.

Of course, it also has everything you need.

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