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Residential building in Serbia

Residential building in Serbia


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What are the benefits of laughter? 10 interesting facts

What are the benefits of laughter? 10 interesting facts

1. According to statistics, children laugh 300-400 times a day. Adults – the strength of 15-20 times per day.

2. There is a science that studies laughter – geotologiya.

3. Laughter “clean” light. When we laugh, we make a long, deep breath. We train the lungs, releasing more air. And also improves the blood flow of the lungs.

4. Laughter helps produce the hormone of happiness – endorphin. It not only responsible for our mood, but also relieves the pain.

5. Laughter helps to lose weight. Scientists estimate that 15 minutes of laughter a day replace the 30 minutes of charging three times a week.

6. Laughter – the best holiday. 5 minutes of healthy laughter is replaced by 30-40 minutes of rest.

7. Many people think that laughter wrinkles. Experts claim that laughter strengthens the muscles of the face, make the skin healthy and young.

8. Women laugh more often than men. Women smiling inherent nature.

9. In Germany, there is an association of medical clowns who, through games, laughter and fun mood, helps to treat seriously ill children.

10. The smile is very contagious. Smile passer. He will smile at you in response.

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