Designing City Themed Bedrooms: Inspiration From 3 Hotel Suites

All achieved without the presence of a single picture postcard or souvenir snow globe in sight.

City breaks are full sightseeing and soaking up the style of the city you’re adventuring through. This Parisian themed suite honours the hero piece of the French capital city right off the bat with an Eiffel Tower silhouette applied at the centre of a towering wooden headboard. The large question mark above could represent popping the big question, which is done by scores of lovebirds up at the top every year.


Pendant lights over the bedside tables echo the triangular silhouette of the Eiffel tower. Read more »

VW unveils wild Golf concept trio

Volkswagen 2019 Golf GTI TCR

GTI meeting plays host to TCR reveal, two VW apprentice-designed Golf concepts

5 luxury hotels in Myanmar that should be on your radar

We believe these are 5 luxury hotels in Myanmar that should be on your radar, they are each in strategic locations allowing you to create the perfect itinerary to explore this Southeast Asian country that has so much to offer. Sule Shangri-La Yangon Start your trip by flying into Yangon which was the capital of […]



30 Gorgeous Green Living Rooms And Tips For Accessorizing Them

If you’re not quite sure which color best suits you, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to see our hand picked collection of the best green living rooms by designers and visualizers around the globe.

Visualizer: Fürjes

The green walls in this modern living room are beautifully offset by a white entertainment console and accent chairs. Combining green and white is a great way to obtain a fresh and energizing design aesthetic.


Source: Herman Miller Japan

The unusual combo of the dark moss green walls and coral accent couch make this room a contemporary haven. Read more »

Smoothies made of mango — Delicious!


The recipe for a wholesome drink-dessert from exotic fruit.

mango — 1 pc.
banana — 1 pc.
sweet and sour apple
natural yogurt or skimmed yogurt — 300 ml
basil — 2 sprigs
lemon — 1 pc.

Smoothies made of mango — Tasty and healthy!

Ice cubes, sprigs of basil — for decoration

Mango wash, peel, cut in half and gently remove the stone. Cut the flesh into large slices. Read more »

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