Rolls with cottage cheese

The recipe for delicious desserts for the whole family.

For 4 servings:

frozen puff pastry yeast — 200 g
hard cheese — 50 g

Rolls with cottage cheese

cottage cheese (fat content 18%) — 200 g
thin slices of ham — 8 pcs.
vegetable oil — for roasting Read more »

Portugal’s best kept secret

What are the two most popular spots in Portugal for foreign travelers? If you guessed Porto and Lisbon, you’re right! Traveling between them along the sparkling Iberian coast is certainly a delightful journey. But for those who are bit more adventurous and who want to explore beyond the tourist crowds, it’s best to venture further […]

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National Day

The first of October is Chinese National Day and I figured it would be the right time to check out Tian An’Men. Approximately half of China’s population had an identical thought and as the pictures show it was crowded. I bought a little Chinese flag becaus

Best cheap fast cars — pictures

Roll with apricots

The recipe for a dessert for the whole family.

For 8 servings:

canned apricots — 300 g
juice — 1 lemon

Roll with apricots

sugar — 100 g
gelatin — 15 g
eggs — 4 pcs.
powdered sugar — 80 g Read more »

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