Raspberry brownie with cream cheese


my absolute favorite among chocolate (now I’m about baking)

even the «family pet», who is cooking «for You» and harder eggs nothing conjured)

very chocolate, moist with a slight acidity

mixer, thermometer will not be needed

we prepare chocolate dough, the rest is a matter of 5 minutes

you can replace the raspberry with cherries, and instead of fresh berries take frozen (only they are pre-defrosted and dried)

a useful addition — in the fridge it is better not to store, after the cupcake is not as moist

Raspberry brownie with cream cheese

write the recipe:

I first mix the cheese component, and this:

250 grams cream cheese room temperature (I did not take the mascarpone, almette and the usual)

50 gr of sugar

1 egg yolk Read more »

Cake » Three chocolate»

very wonderful, gentle, like a souffle)

the technology is very simple-the basis-biscuit (this, by the way, without flour and in itself very tasty) plus three types of mousse, which are filled alternately

the recipe, if anyone wants to repeat (for a cake of 24 cm in diameter):

3 egg yolks
3 squirrels
70 g of bitter chocolate

Cake » Three chocolate»

35 gr butter
40 gr powdered sugar

chocolate mousse (those will have to do 3 with different types of chocolate, the number of ingredients is for one type):
270 g of cream (35%) Read more »

Yogurt cheesecake with boiled condensed milk and almonds

On the form 20-22 cm


150-200 gr. ready biscuit Savoiardi biscuits (the recipe for homemade Savoiardi Irina)

For filling (pre-heat all products to room temperature):

1500 gr. natural yogurt without additives-it is better to use a thick Greek (pre-put the yogurt on a sieve, laid with gauze and weigh for 10-12 hours-almost all the liquid will drain and get a very thick mass, similar to cream cheese)

250 gr. cream cheese (I use mascarpone)

Yogurt cheesecake with boiled condensed milk and almonds

150 gr. powdered sugar (I added half of the specified — cheesecake turned out with light sweetness)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

4 eggs

1 tablespoon flour Read more »

Honey coffee cake


The tastes of honey and coffee are mutually reinforcing and in perfect harmony with each other. It only remotely resembles the usual honey cake, so if you want to try the recipe, consider this point. The cake is perfectly impregnated, dense, does not fall apart, you can even eat with your hands. If you like this, then this cake may like you.

So, the dough:
120 gr. strong black coffee
300 gr. honey’s
3 tablespoons cognac
2 eggs

Honey coffee cake

2 tablespoons vegetable oil
135 gr. brown sugar
335 gr. sorrow
2 tablespoons baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
80 gr. ground almonds Read more »

Chocolate cake with blueberry mousse


To prepare the cake used two detachable forms 22 and 20 cm in diameter.

( Collapse )
Preparation time: 30-35 minutes+time for freezing mousse

6-8 servings


Chocolate cake with blueberry mousse

120 ml kefir, yogurt or sour cream 12%

60 ml vegetable oil

1 large egg
130 gr. sorrow

55 gr. cocoa Read more »

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