Product Of The Week: The Thor Hammer Tool Box

Get your Norse god swag on point with this 44 piece toolkit/Thor’s Mjolnir from ThinkGeek.


$99.99BUY IT


$99.99BUY IT



Cabbage rolls in Azerbaijani style


Stuffed cabbage is a national Russian and Ukrainian dish, however in Azerbaijan they are also made and are called “dolmas kelam”. Cabbage in Azerbaijani style is an unusual dish, with which you can pamper loved ones and guests and thus surprising them, because the dish turns out juicy, tender and fragrant!

Lamb with beef is washed, dried and separated from bones. Cut into small pieces.

Cabbage rolls in Azerbaijani style

In a bowl, spread the meat and onions passed through the meat grinder. Add rice with butter. Solim, pepper to taste and mix thoroughly.

We remove the stump from the cabbage.

We lower the cabbage into boiling water for 6-7 minutes. Then gently separate the upper leaves and set aside. We remove the core from the head and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

We get out of the head and carefully separate the leaves. Read more »

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