Top Things to Enjoy While Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships offer the most luxurious type of travel today and they have many activities on offer to keep the passengers busy and entertained. There is something fun going on at all times, so everyone can find something nice to do or see. If you have never been on a cruise travel before now is a good time for you to do so. Cruise travels are not that expensive as many people think they are and today you can find many affordable packages for any pocket. If you want to experience something different than a regular holiday, then browse through the online agencies that offer this type of travel. Of course, before going on any cruise travel you should get an iSelect – Cruise Travel Insurance, which will have you covered for any possible events that might happen on the trip.

When it comes to entertainment and having fun, as mentioned there are many great things you can do while on board. Consider the following top things to do while traveling and enjoy your adventurous and luxurious cruise travel.

Top Things to Enjoy While Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Visit restaurants and bars

All cruise liners have wide variety of options when it comes to dining, so check out some of the premium dining options. Usually cruise liners employ top quality chefs that prepare finest foods and you will definitely enjoy if you try some of the many cuisines available.

Top Things to Enjoy While Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Go to the cinema

Cruise ships usually have several movie theaters where you can watch old classics or latest Hollywood blockbusters. Your trip will definitely be more enjoyable experience if you entertain yourself by watching some nice movie.

Top Things to Enjoy While Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Try your luck at the casinos

If you fancy testing your luck then go to a casino and enjoy some thrilling games that can also bring you some money. Casinos are not just for playing, but there you can also have a drink or enjoy some delicious meal. All of that will taste much better if you win.

Top Things to Enjoy While Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Take a swim and relax in the swimming pool

Almost all cruise ships have swimming pools, both indoors and outdoors. Some of the pools offer magnificent sea views so take advantage of that and enjoy.

Top Things to Enjoy While Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Visit a spa or sauna

Those that wish to fully relax and enjoy while travelling should visit a spa centre where they can get one of many top quality services. Go on a massage, relax your muscles in a Jacuzzi or clean up your pores in the sauna. Whatever you choose you will definitely enjoy it.

Top Things to Enjoy While Travelling on a Cruise Ship

These were just some of the numerous entertainment options available at cruise ships and there are many more others available. Explore everything that is on offer and pick something that you like the most. Book your trip today and enjoy all the amazing things that cruise ships have to offer. At the end of your trip you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated and you will never forget the experience.

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7 Fantastic Food Combos You Will Love To Eat!

People like to try high-quality food combos and if you have never tried them yet so gear up for that and enjoy the world’s best food combos. They are getting popular day-by-day in the field of culinary hence various new chefs are getting attracted to them.

It is essential to know that your food combos have to be hygienic otherwise you may get various health issues. This post is awesome for reading because it manifests perfect food combos that you will definitely love to eat so prepare yourself mentally for that.

1. Bacon And Eggs

The combo of eggs and bacon is awesome and you should give it a chance in your breakfast. It is a healthy food thus you never feel down throughout the day. The proteins of eggs, as well as the grease of bacon, protect you from feeling down hence you should make it an important part of your breakfast. Combining Bacon with any other food is also common so you should also go for it.

7 Fantastic Food Combos You Will Love To Eat!

2. Pizza And Pina Colada

Keep in mind that nothing can beat this outstanding combo. You should enhance your evening with dining on this food combination. Though you may opt for any sort of pizza with having Pina Colada but for more enjoyment, you should have a pepperoni pizza.

7 Fantastic Food Combos You Will Love To Eat!

3. Butter And Popcorn

It is the mouthwatering food combination that everyone likes. Native Americans are the ones who actually came up with Popcorn. If it is smeared with butter so it will definitely attract you. You should consider eating this combo in movie theaters in order to make the most out of it.

7 Fantastic Food Combos You Will Love To Eat!

4. Salsa And Tortilla Chips

By its name, you may easily judge that it is Mexican food combination that has got an immense popularity all over the world. No one can deny it that you will have an awesome taste of Tortilla chips while eating them with a fresh Salsa. You will find the great variety of salsa thus you will be able to enjoy this combo in various ways. It is also important to know that students also like this food combination and most specifically at the time of writing essays, they like eating this combo. Interestingly, they do not think of getting UK essay writing assistance as they have their own outstanding writing skills.

7 Fantastic Food Combos You Will Love To Eat!

5. Burger And Fries

Fries’ popularity skyrocketed as different restaurants from all across the world started selling them. In all the fast food restaurants, burgers and fries are served together. This combination has succeeded to become the important part of every fast food chain in the world.

7 Fantastic Food Combos You Will Love To Eat!

6. Mashed Potatoes And Gravy

You should think of eating potatoes in different ways and this combo makes you do that. Gravy can easily moisten potatoes and with that, it can also add more taste to potatoes so try this awesome combo and enjoy the new way of eating potatoes. You find that this combo is also very popular among children.

7 Fantastic Food Combos You Will Love To Eat!

7. Milk And Chocolate Cookies

Mostly children and young people like this food combination. Chocolate cookies’ taste improves more when you eat them with drinking milk. It is also very beneficial to make kids drink milk, who run away from it all the time. Sticking to chocolate cookies is not necessary as there are lots of other cookies in the market that you can try with drinking milk.

7 Fantastic Food Combos You Will Love To Eat!


Above discussed are some prominent food combos that you need to try. With being delicious, they are also healthiest foods. It means that you should think of trying all these food combinations with your friends and family members.

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Modern Cabin Interior Design: 4 Inspiring Examples To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Life seems to race along at a faster rate than ever before now that we have instant access to everything and everyone via wireless internet and social media platforms. Our smartphones seem to be superglued to the palms of our hands whether we intend it or not. Have you ever wished you could break free from the shackles of modern media for a while by running away to a place where it simply cannot reach you? Well, imagine tucking yourself up in one of these four inspiring modern cabins in a twinkling snowy wilderness, with not one single ping or alert to disturb your outer or inner peace…

Visualizer: VIZN Studio  

A modern cabin doesn’t require you to “rough it” just to get away from it all. This first contemporary cabin interior contains all the desired home comforts – bar the TV, computer and phone. A cushiony sectional sofa is flanked by a selection of indoor plants perched on modern plant stands. A large piece of monochrome fox wall art decorates the wall to bring in a little wildlife.

Black floor cushions and a tree stump stool sit to one side of the modern sofa. A tribal patterned rug takes the centre spot beneath a trio of coffee table designs.

Opposite the modern coffee tables is an additional grey sofa that looks back at the first. Above the second couch, deer head wall decor in a silhouette style adds another modern take on rustic art.

Hanging from the lofty ceiling are Flos AIM pendant lights, with chunky black metal shades.

The other half of this cabin contains an extremely generously sized kitchen diner, where the dining table is built right up into kitchen work station. Facing into the lounge area is a set of open kitchen shelves that display a selection of crockery, cookbooks, pots and pans, a teapot and pitcher.

Four Scandinavian style chairs sit at the dining bench, including the Muuto Cover Chair and the Tom Kelley Salt Chair.

A fur throw warms up the seat of one of the dining chairs, adding a rustic flourish. Grey chevron floor tiles keep a modern edge to the scheme.

Up on a mezzanine level there is an attic bedroom. The pallet bed base and a bedroom chair have been painted white to match stark white surroundings. This minimalist bedroom interior could be anywhere but looks out over rustic cabin decor below, giving its inhabitants the best of both worlds.

Looks like they could use a headphone stand!

Visualizer: HED Studio  

Modern cabin number two stands in the snowy wilderness like a glowing beacon of light, guiding you to a simpler life.

One entire side of each volume is completely glazed from roofline to ground level, as if the building had been cut through like cake to reveal its filling. Outside, a heated pool steams in the cold winter air.

From the back the home, it appears as though it is closed up tight like a fortress. Interior lights twinkle through back doors that look armoured against the elements.

A deck has been cleared to make way for a modern deck chair…

… With a view like this you can see why it’s worth braving the cold air.

Inside this cabin, ceilings are high and furniture is low.

The sofa is a multi-colored sectional design that allows cushions to be separated off as needed, like this one pulled closer to the roaring fireplace. The decor of this rustic living room is a combination of wood clad walls and a concrete floor.

As far as living rooms for book lovers go, this one should hit the spot. The library is also kept at floor level – or rather at stair level – as the books are stored on a three wooden steps that climb up toward the kitchen.

The fourth step is a concrete platform. An open plan kitchen sits atop the concrete volume as though it were a stage and this were a public cooking demonstration.

Also up on the concrete stage is a rustic dining room.

Whilst we hope that the candles in this chandelier are the fake flame kind, this alternative is fire-safe and more fitting for a smaller area.

Modern wall sconces gently illuminate the rustic bedroom.

Visualizer: Jakub Komrska  

This mountain cabin has bright turquoise accents.

Small pops of bright colour lift and modernise large areas of natural wood tone.

A fur rug keeps things rustic.

A decorative vase sweetens the bedside.

A coloured shelf adds a nice twist to open kitchen shelving, and creates an eye-catching spot to display indoor herb planters and a kitchen clock above the kitchen sink and cutting boards below. Two kitchen stools form a casual eating area at the wooden bench.

High gloss black wall cabinets complete the look.

Visualizer: Sanel Muranović  

Our last cabin looks like an extravagant home library, where a large floor lamp casts light over proceedings. This is a Flos Arco Style Lamp.

A black modern sofa sits at each side of a black glass coffee table.

An enormous black chimney breast dominates the room.

A double sided fireplace can be enjoyed from each end of the home. At this end there is a kitchen with a central island, decorated by a single fruit bowl.

If you loved this set of modern cabin ideas then take a look at these:

Gorgeous Colorado Cabin Secluded Among the Trees
A Cozy Modern Rustic Cabin In The Trees

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Get Your Space Oscar-Ready With These 10 Old Hollywood Glamour Decor Ideas

The Oscars are March 8. Why not get Oscar-ready by adding a little Hollywood-chic to your home? Old Hollywood glamour decor is fresher than you’d think — many of its elements like velvets, greys, mirrors and glass are perfectly modern and hot for 2018.

Here are some ways you can add a little old Hollywood glamour decor to your home, in time for the Oscars.

1. It’s all about silver, platinum and light metallic sheens

old hollywood glamour decor -

Layer matte and high-gloss shades of silver or grey in your home to ramp up the Hollywood luxe. Mirrors and chrome are two great ways to incorporate the look. Image: AM Dolce Vita

2. Add some fur

old hollywood glamour decor ideas

Faux fur pillows, rugs or throws, especially in grey, platinum or pewter tones add glamour to any room. Image: The Expert Touch

3. Curvy and rounded old Hollywood glamour decor is essential

The old Hollywood vibe takes cues from Art Deco style. Add curved furniture or a round mirror or table to get the look. Image: Jamie Herzlinger

4. Pattern and texture required

old hollywood glamour decor

Repeating patterns, tufting and quilted fabric are all important elements of the old Hollywood glamour decor look. Image: Centered by Design

Notice the patterns expressed in all the decor ranging from the geometric wall paper to the quilted bench and bed cover and the stripe detail on the rug and curtains. Image: Greg Natale

5. Mirrored decor and furniture add old Hollywood glamour to any room

Add a mirrored side table or some mirrored candle holders to “glamorize” your room. Image: L2 Interiors

6. Don’t skimp on the lighting

It’s all about drama — and the best place to add some is in the lighting. A large chandelier featuring lots of bling is the perfect way to glam a space a la Hollywood Regency style. Image: Kohler

7. Make friends with purple

Purple is the color of royalty — and its Hollywood counterparts. Add your favorite shade of purple; it looks fabulous with greys, silvers and whites. Image: Kimberley Seldon

8. Layer in velvet, suede, faux fur, silk and leather

A glamorous Hollywood Regency style home has to look and feel like a million bucks. Velvets, silks and suedes are a quick way to get the effect. Image: Starr Homes

9. Add clear glass and acrylic pieces

The clear effect not only adds glamour and shine, it also expands the look of a room. Image: Keough Sterns Interiors

10. Add your favorite Hollywood starlet to your room

If you’re a film buff, add your favorite icon to your walls as art. Go with a black and white image for that old Hollywood feel. Image: Design Stories SF

Now that your room is Oscar-ready, don’t forget yourself! A pair of silk pajamas or fabulous loungewear will tie in nicely.

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