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Flour-60 g
Yolk of egg — 4 PCs
Egg white-4 PCs
Salt (pinch)
Water (steep boiling water, 4 tbsp or) – 20 ml
Sugar-40 g


Puree (Apple, no sugar) — 250 g
Fruit syrup (raspberry, 50 + 100) – 150 g
Yogurt (thick Greek or low-calorie thick sour cream) – 900 g
Powdered sugar (to your taste) — 40 g
Gelatin (powder, 7 + 30) – 37 g
Jelly (raspberry) — 75 g
Marzipan-30 g Read more »

Are You Making These 4 Bathroom Design Mistakes? We’re Here To Help

bathroom design mistakes

Here’s four of the most common bathroom design mistakes we see, as well as simple steps you can take to correct them. If you realize you’re guilty of one or two on the list, don’t worry—we’re here to help.

bathroom design mistakes


Make storage as convenient as possible. Image: Capital Closets

2. Making storage an afterthought

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Cupcake “Three desires”

We are accustomed to cupcakes and almost ceased to perceive them as a festive dessert. Meanwhile, the Easter cake and the “Christmas Stollen” are, in fact, cupcakes. And so much more festive! Prepare an amazing cupcake with nuts, raisins and chocolate under the beautiful name “Three Wishes”, and it will give you and your guests an inexpressible pleasure, becoming a sweet spot in the festive feast.The meaning of the name will become understandable when they bite off pieces one by one cake then with chocolate, then with a nut, then raisins. And, of course, a cup of aromatic coffee or tea with herbal supplements is irreplaceable.

Cupcake “Three desires”

Cupcake “Three desires”

Prepare the dough. Melt the butter and rub it with sugar. Then add the flour, eggs and baking powder. Beat all ingredients with a mixer.

The dough is divided into 3 parts and put into separate containers. We add to each test its filler: poppy, chocolate pieces and chopped walnuts.

Lubricate the form for baking with butter and spread the dough layers. First we spread the dough with walnuts and accurately distribute it on the whole surface. Read more »

Curd cake with condensed milk

Curd cake with condensed milk without baking is an interesting dessert for a holiday. Easter turns out fragrant, gentle and just melting in the mouth. If desired, candied fruits can be replaced with dried fruits or nuts, or you can not use them at all.

Melt the butter.

Curd pasta with condensed milk

In a deep bowl, mix cottage cheese, sour cream, vanilla sugar and butter.

Stir thoroughly the curd mass. Then we rub the mass with a blender.

We cut the candied fruit into small cubes. Read more »

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