Revamp your Space with the Home Decor Online Stores

These days, with the advent of technology and the internet revolution, online shopping home decor is at large due to the large number of home decor online stores in the market. We can now buy home decor online India at competitive rates without a compromise on the quality of home decor items online shopping.

If we compare to traditional home decor shopping, this has been a clear upgradation. This is primarily due to increased comfort without any compromise on the quality. What’s better is that an online home decor store which offers a wide range of home decor items online shopping. Let’s have a look as to how you can buy home decor online in India-

# Indian Bird Series – Maroon Oriole

The best of the Indian Bird Series is now just a click away. The Maroon Oriole is perhaps the most beautiful of them, found both as a pair, and individually. Because birds are best captured as pictures from a vivid imagination and never in a cage.

Revamp your Space with the Home Decor Online Stores

# Napoli Collection – Antiqued Gold Trophy Style Urn

The dull gold finish of this handcrafted antique trophy vase is perfect for casual as well as formal settings. The scrolling handles synonymous with roman architecture add an instant touch of exotic to daily life. This urn of of the many items which fall under the online shopping home decor category at The Decor Kart.

Revamp your Space with the Home Decor Online Stores

# Reindeer Cushion Cover 17″ – Set of 2

If you look close enough, you’ll find that the Harry Potter vibes are strong with this one! The Prongs connect reindeer cushion set is yours to have and accessorise your bed or sofa. Comes with a zipper closure for added comfort.

Revamp your Space with the Home Decor Online Stores

# The Shell – Nautical Mantel Clock

This nautical tabletop clock adds sophistication, charm and style for anyone looking to enhance their decor. The intricate detailing makes it the statement piece to showcase on any mantle. Now be able to shop for home decor online india for statement pieces like so.

Revamp your Space with the Home Decor Online Stores

# Mason Jar Hand Soap Dispenser

Where functionality and aesthetics come together! This Victorian themed jar comes with a decorative lace ribbon which fits in just right at each every bathroom surface. Because why should your bathroom be left behind? It’s a place that dictates comfort and luxury at every step and this pretty mason jar hand soap dispenser is just the way to go.

Revamp your Space with the Home Decor Online Stores

# Contemporary Metal Magazine Holder – White

Why go the traditional route when you can get this contemporary metal magazine holder with a glossy metal body and a utility metal handle. Clutter controls your desk with this magazine or should we say this hero in disguise! Very few home decor online stores can boast of something so chic yet subtle.

Revamp your Space with the Home Decor Online Stores

# Distressed Teal Shelf with Single Photo Frame

Teal is the colour of all happiness! Display your picture perfect memories in this versatile frame which is hand finished to give a vintage, distressed appeal to your decor space. Because a picture speaks a thousand words and frame, speaks millions. Because if a story is to be told, it better be told with panache and plomp.

Revamp your Space with the Home Decor Online Stores

# Wall Mounted Stag Plaque

Hang it above your fireplace or liven up a dull wall, this contemporary piece of wall art will go with pretty much any colour combination. The sculpted form of the antlers is an exquisite detail of its own which makes it a stylish alternative to the real thing. A better alternative, if we may say so!

Revamp your Space with the Home Decor Online Stores

This is just a small preview of the numerous home decor options those are available online. So if you want to renovate your space, or just redecorate your space, or even jazz up your living area, such online shopping home decor is the way to go!

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Product Of The Week: The Super-cute Super Mario Mushroom Lamp

The legendary gaming icon comes in the form of an officially licensed lamp complete with a ‘Level Up’ sound which you can hear when you power it on. Pure nostalgia for the Super Mario fans!



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For many months I had this idea: to collect, as they say, to heap all the recipes of their most favorite (and not only their) creams that I use for biscuit cakes.

And now, thanks to your numerous requests I finally decided to flaunt popular recipes creams.

Cream for biscuit cake-the concept is quite relative. Of course, the recipes that I will describe below, you can use not only in combination with the biscuit, but also in other cakes, cupcakes, tartlets, eclairs and other desserts.

If you need a cake biscuit, then click on this link, you will find a recipe for biscuit, which is always obtained.


And before proceeding to the recipes, I will tell you something very important, what you hardly guessed. Since many of today’s recipes feature cream, will reveal the secret focus of the Queen of baking Martha Stewart:

If you accidentally beat the cream and see that it has already started to collapse, just add a couple of spoons of cold liquid cream and gently stir. This will return the cream to its proper state.

So, let’s start. A lot of material today. I promise it’ll be interesting. Read more »

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