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5 Gallery Wall Hacks for a Fresh Spin on an Old Classic

gallery wall hacks

The gallery wall. When done right, it’s impressive. When done poorly, it can be a mess. Art must be spaced correctly and hung straight. (We’ve already explored some of the core tips and tricks for hanging a gallery wall.) Even so, those aren’t always the biggest problems you face when hanging a gallery wall. How do you differentiate your wall and make sure the end result of all that effort is something you truly love? These five gallery wall hacks will help you nail it.

Ultimately, you want your gallery wall to add visual interest to your home. It turns an entire wall into a canvas with which you can play. Above all, hanging a gallery wall should be fun! Using these five tips will help you build a gallery wall you, your friends and your family will admire for years to come.

gallery wall hacks - start small

Don’t be daunted by gallery walls. Just a few pictures grouped together is a starting point. Image: Shanade McAllister-Fisher

1. Start small

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Fish salad, feijoa and avocado

Very tasty and healthy salad for healthy diet fans.


fish fillet (cod, haddock) — 500 g,
feijoa – 3-4 pieces.,
avocado — 1 PC – ,
lettuce leaves – 3-4 pieces.,

Fish salad, feijoa and avocado

lemon juice-1 teaspoon,
salt and pepper to taste,
olive oil for refueling.

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