Funny dogs. Like laughing dog?

Funny dogs. Like laughing dog? 


Dog Laugh — it repeated snorting. Hearing him even record, other dogs begin happily wagging tails.

Different nations perceive barking differently: English — wow-wow, the Greeks and Russian — bow-wow, the Germans — AVU AVU-Japanese — bath-van.

Seven tails, ears fourteen, twenty-eight dog’s paw…


I love football


My family


Scent in dogs over 100,000 times more sensitive than humans, it is necessary because of their vision is not as sharp as in humans.
Dogs judging the objects on their first movement, and then by their brightness, and finally, in their form.

The US Customs Service was a dog named «Rocky» and «Barco» who were so good at patrolling the border that Mexican drug lords appointed a reward for their heads in the amount of $ 300,000.
Dogs are direct descendants of wolves.
Wolves and dogs can mate and produce offspring.

Сute dogs.Interesting facts about dogs

The dog saved its owner …





Man dog — a friend
One photo in the social network recently made known to the whole world 49-year-old American from Wisconsin John Unger and his dog, Shep. And the story of their friendship began about 20 years ago, when Shep was rescued from the suicide of his master, was very upset by the break with the bride. One day, during a walk with the dog, John, unable to cope with depression, went to the edge of his thoughts of suicide. Unger said that this opinion Shep sobered him and returned to reality. The young man thought about who will take care of Shepe. With age, the dog developed severe arthritis. dog joints hurt so much that she could not move independently. Veterinarians suggested Shep rid of suffering and euthanize him, but John did not want to do so with his friend, and he was trying to facilitate his life.
Epstein and Vergunov

Every day, for many years the American drove his dog to the lake and held for several hours in water at hand. In the water, Shep became easier, he could get some sleep. Pictures where John holds a 20-year-old pet in her arms, standing on the shoulders in the water, walked the entire Internet, people started to transfer money to treat dog.
«That for me, this dog does not convey in words when you give love, it comes back to you tenfold I want people to think about it, looking at these pictures?..» — Said John Unger.
Two weeks ago, July 18, Shep was gone. This was on his Facebook page said his master. From around the world came to John Unger more than a million of condolence.

A touching love for the dog … Interesting facts about dogs

Amazing dogs

My dear…


My little…




A resident of the United States of America, John Unger owner of the 19 year old dog. He loves his pet so much that brings every day to the lake, so that he could get some sleep …


A resident of the United States of America, John Unger owner of the 19 year old dog. He loves his pet so much that brings every day to the lake, so that he could get some sleep …
The dog is very sick, he has chronic arthritis. She almost could not move, could barely drag his hind legs. Because of the severe pain, she can not sleep. To little to ease his suffering, indifferent owner, brings it to the lake, where his dog sleeps in his hands for a few hours in the water. The only way she can sleep. Due to noise and peaceful swinging waves. Despite the fact that John, we have every day is a few hours in the water, with the sleeping dog in his arms, he was very glad that it can even so help your four-legged friend.
Veterinarians are encouraged to do the dog a lethal injection, that it is no longer tormented. But, the owner refuses to do so with your pet. After all, when what it was he who saved him from suicide. How, responds John, his dog named Shep:.? «I can not imagine my life without him, and I can not do with him what he means to me It is impossible to convey in words It is the dedication and love that goes back over the years to me. in multiple size. I want people reading my words and seeing these pictures, remember this. »
After this amazing story, it became famous among the mass segments of the population, on the Internet there are many reviews and comments. Some support John, believing that he was doing the right thing, does not betray his friend and does everything possible to help him. Others, on the contrary, believe that he willingly allows her dog to suffer, because she lived long enough dog’s life and why, dooming it to the constant suffering? This means that the story does not leave anyone indifferent, and the fate of the unfortunate animal touched the heart of every reader.
The dog is really our most intimate and faithful friend and very happy that there is such a strong durable friendship between man and dog.



Interesting facts about cars.

Bugatti Chiron

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Safety glass was invented by accident. In 1903, French chemist Edouard Benedictus inadvertently dropped a flask filled with nitrocellulose. The glass was cracked but not shattered into small pieces. Realizing what was happening, Benedictus produced the first modern type of windshields to reduce the number of victims of road accidents.

The first car insurance policy was purchased in 1897. One Dr. Martin Truman paid $ 12.25 for a policy with coverage of $ 500. In America at that time it was 4000 cars and 20 million horses.


BEST CAR. Interesting facts about cars.


How did the first number? Interesting facts about cars.




Did you know that the first number plates were not on the cars, and horse-drawn carriages? And then when the streets drove cars, they were also numbered. The earliest road signs were given in Munich (Germany) in 1899. This was followed by Paris — in 1900, New York City — in 1901 and London — in 1903 the first car mark in Russia was issued in 1904 in Riga, but not in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. But the beginning of the alpha characters on license plates laid in 1901 in Berlin, when a local businessman Rudolf Herzog to surprise your sweetie Johann Anchor, requested permission from the city authorities to put on the license plate numbers to the initials of the couple.

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