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The heaviest cat…Interesting facts about cats

In the United States died the thickest CAT

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, died a cat named Meow, who was called the fattest cat in the US and possibly worldwide. 18-kilogram (39 pound) animal died on Saturday, 5 May 2012.miau1

The cause of death was the Meow pulmonary insufficiency. The cat was just two years old, and shortly before his death Meow began passing rate of weight loss.




The history of white-red cat Meow hit the press in April 2012, when he settled in the shelter — his former mistress, 87-year-old pensioner, gave him bail specialists, as she could not provide proper pet care. Shelter staff have distributed photos of a cat, and then together with Meow was invited to various shows in which viewers can learn more about the animal.

Meow recently put on a strict diet, and he even dropped a few kilos, but against the background of obesity in the cat developed pulmonary insufficiency. The shelter said that had become attached to the sweet and kind animal and thanked all those who are interested in the history of the large cat and thus drew the attention of breeders on obesity in animals.

Officially Meow has not been recognized as the fat cat in the world — Guinness World Records refused to record these achievements to pet owners do not overfeed pets in the hope of getting into the book. Prior to the abolition of such records fattest cat was recognized by the Australian cat named Himma. It weighed 21.3 kilograms.


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Сute and Amazing cats

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Сute cats -Why cat needs a mustache?

Why cat needs a mustache?

 Interesting facts about cats





The cat, on average 12 mobile whiskers on each side of the muzzle. At the base of the whiskers has a large number of nerve endings, so the cat with the help of these receives the information about everything that surrounds it — about things, wind, temperature, etc. If you remove the cat whiskers, it may be difficult to navigate in space, for example, bad hunting and generally feel insecure.
The scientific name of the mustache — vibrissae — so they are often referred to in the literature simply ruskoyazychnyh whiskers. Whiskers really vibrate.
If a cat’s whiskers looking ahead — something she is very interested. Or in clashes wants to scare the opponent. If whiskers look back — a cat is frightened, she avoids touching.
Nervous condition in cats give ears — they have it finely twitching, although the cat may sit quietly and observe. It is even possible, touching the cat in such a state, get her to hiss and strike paw.
When you attack someone cat ears pressed firmly to the head. This is for the protection of the teeth and claws of the enemy. If the cat is attacking itself, the ears it down horizontally and to the sides, forming a triangle.
Cat fights are short, but very fierce. Their main weapon in the fight — his teeth.

Funny cats. How much the world of domestic cats?

How much the world of domestic cats?






Specialists of the University of Lyon (France) decided to calculate how much the world of domestic cats. It was found that all of the planet 400 million, with the largest number of them contained in the USA. However, the palm is given to Australia, where for every 10 inhabitants 9 cats. On the Asian continent first place for Indonesia, there are more than 30 million furry purring, and in Europe — for France, whose inhabitants have at their charge of 8 million cats. However, there are countries, such as Peru, Gabon and some others where the domestic cat is almost never.

Cats rescued people from fire.

In 2010, fifteen New Zealand boy named Sam, stay overnight in the garage, not extinguished the candle before going to sleep, and this negligence led to the fire. Domestic cat Simba, sensing trouble began with desperate cries rush from garage doors to the porch of the house where the parents of a teenager slept until awakened them. However, those attributed awake Simba try to cadge a meal and tried to shrug, but when she began to beat on the door of the garage, all at once it became clear … only through the actions of four-footed benefactress Sam were rescued, and after just a few minutes it would be too late.

In New York, the cat in an attempt to wake up during the fire started the sleeping owner yelled loudly, and when that did not help, began to beat him with his paw over his face. This measure proved to be effective, so that people, like his flatmate, survived. And all thanks to the cat.


MOST fluffy cat. Сute and Funny cats

MOST fluffy cat

Interesting facts about cats

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Himalayan cat breed named Colonel Meow (Colonel Meow) was born October 11, 2011, and became famous even before it got into the record books in the late summer of 2013. The owner of the wool, the length of which reached 23 centimeters, the Internet became a star after he had a personal website and accounts on social networks.

Life of Colonel Meow is like the history of the cult heroes of rock ‘n’ roll — the cat lived fast and died young. As befits a legend, started the next colonel from the bottom — from the animal shelter in the US Seattle. Little Kitten Himalayan rock attracted the attention of a young couple Evie Anne Marie and Eric Rosario, which «adopted» baby in autumn 2011. Read more »

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