Funny and unusual dogs

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What reward drug lords appointed for dogs — bloodhounds, who found drugs?…Interesting about dogs

The US Customs Service was a dog named «Rocky» and «Barco» who were so good at patrolling the border that Mexican drug lords appointed a reward for their heads in the amount of $ 300,000.

In dogs ears is more than ten times faster than the human.
Dalmatian puppies are born completely white.
Boxers are so named because of the manner of playing with their front paws.

All breeds of dogs were seen in attacks on livestock.
Dog’s heart beats 120 times per minute (the average human heart rate of 80 times per minute).




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Well together …


More than five million puppies are born in the US each year.
More than 1 in 3 American households have a dog.
The average dog’s body temperature is 101.2 degrees Fahrenheit.
Dogs instinctively require the approval of the leader before any action.
Dogs that do not go to the contact with the person in the first three months, as a rule, will not be good pets.
The Chihuahua was named after the state in Mexico where they were found.
Puppies start to see normally after only 1 month.
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Interesting facts about cats and dogs

When we pat the cat, we have reduced heart rate and blood pressure. And people with cardiovascular disease have a chance to live longer if they have a cat, as opposed to those who do not have a cat or dog.

 All dogs requires close social contact with people. If not, they can run away from home, or to change the behavior that the owner paid them more attention.  read below….



Close friends


While the owner fell asleep


Dog Laugh — it repeated snorting. Hearing him even record, other dogs begin happily wagging tails.

 Cats never mew with each other. This sound is designed specifically for people.

 The biggest appetite in dogs have cocker spaniels. Read more »

Interesting facts about dogs

Humor photos. Funny dogs and cats

What are the most intelligent dog? — Interesting facts about dogs

How can I love you not?


What’s the matter?


I am well


The smartest dog in the world: 1st place: Border Collie, 2 nd: poodle, and the 3rd: golden retriever, and the most stupid dog is considered to be the Afghan Hound.
The scent in dogs over 100,000 times more sensitive than humans, it is necessary because of their vision is not as sharp as in humans.
Dogs judging the objects on their first movement, and then by their brightness, and finally, in their form.
Chocolate contains a substance known as theobromine (similar to caffeine), which dogs can kill or at least make sick.
All dogs are identical in anatomy — 321 bones and 42 permanent tooth.
Smaller breeds mature more quickly than larger ones.
Puppies sleep ninety percent of the day, in the first few weeks of life.
Rin Tin Tin was the first dog «Hollywood star,» and he did sign all of its 22 contract for films — signet paws.
Until the late 1800s, were known as Collie Scotch Shepherd.
Dogs have twice the muscles to move their ears, as compared to humans.
The longer the dog’s nose, the more effective, its internal cooling system.
The US Customs Service was a dog named «Rocky» and «Barco» who were so good at patrolling the border that Mexican drug lords appointed a reward for their heads in the amount of $ 300,000. Read more »

Interesting about the children

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It turns out that a small child is not distinguish all colors…  Interesting facts about the children and their parents.

· In European countries, the average age is 29 years, the parents in India — 19 years, Russia — 20 years;

· The youngest parents were children in China in 1910: mom and dad had 9 and 8 years, respectively;

· Most father of many children — is the Sultan Ismail of Morocco. He has 340 daughters and 548 sons;

· Interestingly, the newborn baby can distinguish between red and green, but the blue, he does not see;

· According to statistics, children 3-4 years old every day asking 900 questions and say more than 12 thousand words;

· Someone considers himself a young grandmother? — In fact, the youngest grandmother in the story — it’s 23-year-old Romanian Rifka Stanescu. Her daughter, aged 11 years old ran away from home and bore a son;

I asked my parents to give me a little sisterOEn9As0fU3w

Lovely bunnies


Grows great artist


· The cases when parents name their kids after the cartoon or book characters — Harry Potter, Anakin Skywalker, Kasper and others;

· Interestingly, in the metric of children born in Korea, also make those 9 months that they spent in the womb, so technically they are older than their peers, although born in the same year;

· In Australia, more than any other country in the world is born «test-tube babies»;

Interesting about dogs — 1

Humor photos. Funny and cute dogs and cats

The richest dogs in the world…

Legacy — 15 million pounds -. In 1931 bequeathed his poodle named Toby Rimes and her descendants Ella Wendel of New York. After 80 years as a descendant named Toby Rimes, and he is the owner of the state of 92 million. $.

Legacy 373 million. $ Got a dog Gunther III. Gunther was a favorite of the rich German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein, and after her death he was the sole heir to all its states. However, Gunther could not survive the separation with the mistress and died a month after her death. Fortunately for Gunter family Countess, it stipulated that its status must be transmitted by the dog line. Thus, Gunther IV is currently the most spoiled dog in the world.

How do you like me


Let’s be friends!


Everywhere one soft

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